Book 20 years of photography

by Régis Colombo


It is a time of great turmoil for the world of photography, with questioning of the practices and aesthetics of photography.

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What is it about?

Over the past 20 years the profession of photographer has evolved not only artistically but also technically. This book will not only consider the evolution from black and white silver images to contemporary images reworked by digital technologies, but will also provide a retrospective of the career of Régis Colombo and Swiss photography. By publishing this work, Régis Colombo wishes to view with a critical eye how photography has developed over the last twenty years. Drawing a parallel between this and his own career path, he will propose a selection of images shown in his exhibitions and documentaries, along with other surprises that have marked his career of 20 years as a photographer who has taken his camera with him to the four corners of the world. The book will examine the period from his first magazine cover in Thailand, in one of the country’s major monthly publications, to his first exhibition in New York twenty years later.

The authors

  • Gianni Haver, professor and sociologist of images at the Institute of sociology of mass communications at the University of Lausanne
  • Laurent Delaloye, journalist, collector and passionate lover of art.
  • Pierre Starobinski, creator of books and exhibition organiser
  • Biography par Jean-Blaise Besençon, journaliste culturel

Book description

  • Published by Editions Favre in Lausanne – Switzerland – in collaboration with the Association Tout un Art in Vevey.
  • Book in 30/30 cm format
  • French - English
  • 150 pages
  • Graphic art: Estelle Hofer-Piguet, STL*DESIGN, Lausanne
  • Hard back and thread-bound book
  • Print run: 2000 copies
  • Release in September at the Image Festival in Vevey

Why support the project?

Its realization really depends on the financial aid that we can find, since it is very costly to produce books of photos and bookshop sales are in decline.

This amount will added to the private aid of a few foundations.

Régis Colombo

Over the past 20 years, the Swiss photographer Régis Colombo has won renown, at home and abroad, by his portraits, advertising work, landscapes and, above all, by his long-distance trips. This still-image backpacker has travelled the length and breath of the five continents, scoured some forty or so countries very often preferring to leave the beaten track and find places that have never been photographed before. Because his tirelessly curious eye, sensitive to the slightest variation in light, demanding technical perfection, is always seeking THE photo, that is to say the one that will concentrate magical shades, vibrations and moments that cannot be told with words.

For several years now, Régis Colombo has also been doing personal work, taking photography in a more pictorial direction with disconcerting compositions. He is recognised for his constantly evolving technique and is work in the field of furtive photography, always seeking the tiniest detail. He takes us to a timeless world where the diversity of objects and beings is highlighted. He captures a fragment of space and time that will never return by holding his camera in one hand and his imaginary setting in the other.

Awards and Honours

  • 2013 «GRAND» award, PHOTO category received by Régis Colombo for his portraits published in the review «Mémoire Vive sur la forêt du Jorat» and for his prominent figures and actors, les Brigands du Jorat.
  • 2006 winner of the Prix Edmond de Rothschild award for «a work on wine published in Switzerland» presented by Nadine de Rothschild
  • 2004 «Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2003» for the world’s best book of photographs in the field of wine for the photographs in «Vignobles suisses» [Swiss vineyards] awarded in Barcelona.
  • 2004 winner of the «Monographie et etudes spécialisées à caractère promotionnel» [Specialised studies and monograph of a promotional type] award of the Organisation internationale de la vigne et du vin [International organisation for vines and wine] presented in Paris.
  • 2004 special mention in the Prix du Château de Chatagneréaz for the images in the book «Vignobles suisses» [Swiss vineyards]


  • La Magie de l’énergie – published by Édition EOS, 2002, 64 pages
  • Vignobles suisses, published by Éditions Favre, 2003, 224 pages
  • Sahara, published by Éditions Favre, 2004, 192 pages
  • Zanzibar, published by Éditions Favre, 2005, 176 pages
  • Portraits d’Asie, published by Éditions Favre, 2006, 192 pages
  • Mémoires du vignoble genevois, published by Éditions Slatkine, 2007, 192 pages
  • Sahara, published by Éditions Favre, 2009, 160 pages
  • Lausanne, 144 pages, published by Éditions Ville de Lausanne, 2012