What is Boom Boom Bang Bang?

Zurich needs a ruin. An accessible space where something can be set in motion. A visible counterspace in the middle of the city. A space for dreaming, fantasizing, try-outs and failing.

«Boom Boom Bang Bang» aims to blow up the existing Kunsthaus Zürich at Heimplatz 1, in order to create a unique ruin in the midst of Zurich. The blasting of Kunsthaus, its sandstone facades with its decorative frieze and metope elements, its fluted fairfaced concrete slabs, its prismatic lattice girder and its porte de l’enfer, would make it collapse into a beautiful ruin.

This is how the Heimplatz, a square in the heart of Zurich, could become a generous ruin, which celebrates itself as a vital space of diversity and potential.

Why you should back this project

In collaboration with the well-respected blaster Sigmar Feuerberg (pseudonym), a professional planning project for the whole blasting process was developed: collapsing principle, concussion prognosis, sequence of ignition and security dispositive are used as the basis for a regular «building permit application». This plan will be handed in, in case of a successful support on «wemakeit».

The required fee calculated to start a building licence process is based on the construction costs. Your help will help us finance this fee of 3’450 CHF and to get the «building permit application» for the most beautiful and geneours ruin of Zurich.

In case the application should not be accepted and therefore the required fee wouldn’t be demanded, the collected amount on «wemakeit» would be used for a publication of the work «Boom Boom Bang Bang».

What you will get

CHF 10 – You will receive a signed flysheet (A4), stating the exact date and time, as well as the explanation of the different horn signals for the announcement of the blasting.

CHF 45 – You will receive a signed and handmade poster by Paul Polaris, produced on newsprint paper (47x63cm).

CHF 90 – You will receive a signed facsimile of the siteplan in poster size (A2), showing the positioning of the water shields around Kunsthaus Zürich. They will be used to avoid dust development.

CHF 140 – You will receive a signed and framed facsimile of the security dispositive (approx. 20x30cm)

CHF 220 – You will receive a signed and framed facsimile of the basement plan, showing the sequence of ignition (approx. 30x40cm)

CHF 220 – You will receive a signed and framed facsimile of the ground floor plan, showing the sequence of ignition (approx. 30x40cm). SOLD OUT.

CHF 500 – You will receive a signed and framed facsimile of the collapsing principle in section, showing the exact positioning and sequence of ignition (approx. 60x40cm).

What else is going on

From August 29 until October 6 2013, some plans will be exhibited at the art space «Die Diele» at Sihlhallenstrasse 4, 8004 Zürich. 

All the communication around «Boom Boom Bang Bang», will be documented at the project website, in order for everyone to be updated.

«Boom Boom Bang Bang» is supported by böff and curated by Sabeth Tödtli from the social-artistic urban laboratory zURBS.