New challenge: Get CHF 70'000.-

The Café des Alpes is a restaurant closed for 4 years, I wish to restore it ! The property is located in the heart of the picturesque village of Gryon in the Vaud Alps.

Your support will allow me to realize my dream, open my restaurant!

My passion for the terroir leads me to work mainly with local producers. The Café des Alpes will be above all a friendly place where happy moments will be shared between friends and family.

Ready to support me to meet this challenge?

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Highlight producers in the region !

I have the joy and opportunity to meet producers near my future restaurant. Proximity is important nowadays. We have already exchanged a lot and have agreed to work together over the seasons.

I make a point of working with farmers, farmers and traders in my area. Beyond the local economy, it is essential to honor the work of the people of the earth.

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This is what I need backing for.

Your contributions will be used to:

  • The purchase of the necessary equipment for the functioning of the kitchen
  • The purchase of furniture for the restaurant
  • The purchase of decorative elements

With your support, I will create an efficient and enjoyable work environment for my employees. I will welcome you in a warm atmosphere where you will feel «at home»