Catalog The Sound of Silence

by Uwe Bressnik


A cross-section through Uwe Bressnik's work on the visual communication of acoustic content. Realization of an English and a French edition of the catalog published in 2018.

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Uwe Bressnik: Soul Source Records

In 1996 I recorded my first record: by hand, using a pencil on a circularly sawn, sanded, wooden, and black painted board. Simultaneously I founded the record label «Soul Source Records», on which by now about 200 visual records and record-images have been released in various working groups.

The vinyl record is not only my «tool» and «visual abbreviation» to make acoustic content visually representable, but also a daily source of inspiration and an indispensable acoustic companion when working on the records and grooves of my art.

The Catalog: The Sound of Silence

After more than twenty years as a «record producer», I released the catalog «The Sound of Silence» in 2018: a cross-section of the pluriverse of my «Soul Source Records & Arrangements». A bastard of book and record: two catalog parts/brochures that are inserted into a classic luxury gatefold record cover, including photo series of more than 100 works, an 18-page interview about the contentual and technical background of my work, «Hidden Tracks» and much more.

From the outset, it was planned to make the catalog-album accessible to a non-German speaking public if the response was appropriate. For the past two years, I have therefore worked on creating and financing two updated, international new editions: a special edition (750 copies) in English and, parallel to this, an édition spéciale (350 copies) in French.

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I have already received subsidies for the extensive translations and partial coverage of the printing costs, now I still need to fund the remaining printing costs, the graphics, as well as the distribution and some PR. I am very happy about your support!