We are around the corner to make your life easier: find all you need for your daily life in our shop, it is all organic and package free! The planet and your health will thank you ;-)

CHF 38’658

154% of CHF 25’000

154 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 31/8/2019

Our vision

Our motto is crystal clear: SUSTAINABLE MADE EASY!

We believe that sustainable shopping should be easy and accessible to as many as possible. We are convinced that much packaging is not even necessary in the first place. Many around us agree with that but unfortunately, zero waste shops are rarely around the corner and people often struggle to find shops with zero waste options close to where they live and work. So, they continue to bring tons of plastic home even when they are trying to avoid it.

That is why we started dreaming about opening a zero waste shop in a central location, it would make ecofriendly shopping so much easier!

Well, we are almost there: we will open "Chez Mamie Zürich HB" on platform 18 at Zurich Main Station (Zollstrasse) by end of August.

Why a zero waste shop?

Switzerland is unfortunately a leader when it comes to producing waste. According to OECD’s statistics for 2017, we are in 4th position worldwide and even 3rd Europe-wide. In average, we produce over 700kg waste per person per year and only a part of that it recycled. Waste does not simply disappear.

The good thing is, it does not need to be like that: there are alternatives! And we want to show you these through our shop. In our zero waste shop, we will help you on your way towards a more sustainable life by providing individual advice. We do without marketing, in our relaxed shopping atmosphere, we let the quality of the products we selected with great care, talk for themselves. You will find a wide choice of local products as well as Fairtrade delicacies.

Our offer to you:

Since we want to make your shopping experience as easy as possible, we want to offer everything you need for your daily life:

  • Wide choice of pasta, rice, flour, cereal, legume and müesli
  • Nuts and dried fruits as well as cookies, chocolate and sweets
  • Oil, vinegar and spices
  • Tea, coffee and other beverages
  • Cosmetics and sanitary products
  • Cleaning products for a clean house
  • Sustainable accessories and utensils for your daily life (i.e. reusable bottles, beeswax wraps)
  • Fresh products like butter, cream, milk, yogurt, eggs, tofu, bread, fruits and vegetables (as soon as possible, check our objectives)
  • Vegan and gluten free options

This is what we need backing for

So far, we have been able to cover the following costs:
The works in the shop – we received a raw retail space, now the floor is set, the walls painted, light, heat and water are installed.
We have also paid for the furniture, bins and material we need for the shop. But the shop still looks quite empty… like something is missing. What could it be?
Oh yes, the products in which you will, like us, fall in love with!

We still need CHF 25'000, so that we can place the first orders and fill the space with all your favorite products.
With your support, we can reach our first objective and make sure we open our shop with plenty of products on the shelves.

If we raise CHF 35'000, we will be able to buy a refrigerated counter and therefore offer fresh products as well. That means, you will be able to buy your butter, cream, milk, yogurt, tofu etc. from day 1.

If we manage to raise CHF 45'000, we will have the necessary resources to offer local and seasonal fruits and vegetables (which also means to buy another refrigerator to make sure we can store them properly). This way, you can really buy everything you need for your everyday life in our shop, on platform 18.

So let’s raise some money and reach these objectives, shall we? Check the available rewards and tell everybody about it ;-) (could be a great gift idea for your beloved, too)

A big fat THANK YOU for your contribution!
Sandrine, Jonathan und Sébastien