The story

In 2011, an Italian naval vessel docks in Lampedusa, a port in the Sicilian archipelago. Onboard is Bashiru, a Ghanaian refugee fleeing the war in Libya. Left to a solitary fate and enveloped in migratory chaos, he survives in the streets of Turin. Caught in a dead end, the man struggles to stave off poverty and its demons. After five years of hardship, Bashiru finally lands steady work on a farm. Finding a measure of peace, he rekindles hope of reuniting with his son and mother back home.

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Our purpose and goals

The movie invites its viewer to witness Bashiru’s daily life: that of a refugee alone in a European continent overwhelmed and powerless in the face of the ever-growing flow of migrants. Based on an ethnographic study, the documentary is a five-year immersion in the life of a refugee in Europe. As directors, the trust we are able to build with Bashiru creates a spontaneous intimacy and allows us to tell the story from his point of view. How does he feel as he goes through the process of integrating into a hostile society? What are his thoughts, fears, hopes?


Why support the movie?

Started in 2011, the project is now in postproduction. Your support will help us fund part of the last phase of production before the movie’s release at the end of 2017. Thanks to your support, we’ll be able to pay for the professional equipment and services we need (editing studio, mixing, translation and subtitles). Your generous support will further help us with the distribution costs to Swiss cinemas and film festivals as well as showing the film abroad.

Financial goals

15 000 euros: postproduction finalization and movie’s release at the end of 2017.

20 000 euros: making an Italian version.

25 000 euros: the movie goes to a professional mixing studio.

30 000 euros: distribution and travel to festivals (Switzerland, France, Italy, Senegal), with an opportunity to invite Bashiru Mumuni to join us on site. Scheduling conferences during showings, in schools, organizations, etc. Distribution abroad (France, Italy, Ghana).

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