Together with you we want to change the world – one cup of coffee at a time. After successfully launching our online shop we're embarking on the next adventure: Opening a coffee shop in Basel!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 14/4/2019

A truly sustainable coffee shop.

Hello! We are Marie and Michaël. In 2016 we have founded our social startup Direct Coffee: we buy coffee from smallholder farmers who grow it in its natural ecosystem, the mountain forests of Western Ethiopia. Our key motivation is to invest part of our income in social projects for the coffee farmers’ kids that we implement ourselves.

Our philosophy: More than fair. Better than organic. 200 percent transparent.

After successfully launching an online shop for truly sustainable coffee, we’re now heading towards the next adventure: opening our own coffee shop in Basel! In order to finance the initial investments we want to invite you upfront for a cup of coffee - or more :)

Every cup of coffee tells a story ...

… ours is one of origin, positive change, and personal encounters.

Your new coffee shop in Gundeli will let you dive into the story of your coffee and at the same time be a cozy place that makes you feel comfortable, where you can feel at home and enjoy a really good cup of coffee. On the terrace with a view on the green Margarethen schoolyard you can relax in the sun. And there will also be a children’s corner.

The coffee shop will be part of the developing innovative & sustainable ecosystem hyve in the former YMCA hostel in Gundeli. Here we want to create a place for exchanges & encounters for locals as well as travellers from near and far.

This is what we need backing for.

The collected money goes directly into the opening of our - and your - new coffee shop. In several big investments like an authentic italian manual lever espresso machine and a professional coffee grinder. And in many small but necessary investments like for cups, saucers, glasses, plates, …

We also need to pre-finance the first purchasing of goods like milk, croissants, cheese, jams and so on. Our goal is to transfer our concept of social and ecological positive business also to the new coffee shop. That’s why we want to source the other tasty treats like tea and breakfast locally or from direct trade if possible.

And for those who like numbers:

  • Manual lever espresso machine, coffee grinder, accessoires: 2310 CHF
  • Cups, plates, glasses, trays etc. 2310 CHF
  • Decoration articles (large format pictures of the coffee’s journey from tree to cup, Tafeln, blackboards, flower pots etc) ca. 1000 CHF
  • Pre-financing purchasing of goods: ca. 1400 CHF
  • Costs for goodies: 1000 CHF
  • Crowdfunding fee: 1000 CHF

Sum: 10137 CHF