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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Auckland. But this may be of interest to you.

Community and Kids / Youth

Hô Chi Minh-Ville

Adoptée à mes 7 mois j'ai entrepris des recherches pour retrouver ma famille biologique. Ma maman biologique étant très malade, je souhaite la rencontrer le plus vite possible.

CHF 2’020
101 %
33 days to go

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Chiang Dao

A new school year!

by Luigi Jorio

The children of the boarding school at Wat Arunothai (Thailand) escaped from poverty and armed conflicts. They need our help to keep going to school and to live in a safe place.

CHF 1’952
23 %
28 days to go


Lausanne and Miami

Support and become co-executive producers of the new album Better world by MARQUISE FAIR, singer songwriter from Miami. Marquise has already recorded his first album Ripple in Switzerland in 2018.

CHF 4’960
24 %
17 days to go

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Nairobi, Kampala, and Kigali

Victoria Rally

by SewingTogether

The goal of VictoriaRally is to drive across East Africa, to empower women with a skill of sewing reusable sanitary pads and create a long-lasting change.

EUR 1’239
51 %
14 days to go

Kids / Youth, Dance, and Education

Kinshasa and Lubumbashi

Votre soutien permettra d’acheter et d’acheminer du matériel éducatif en direction des enfants et danseurs. Vous leur apporterez ainsi le sourire ! De plus, nous jouerons notre spectacle WaoWao.

CHF 1’295
43 %
9 days to go

Performing arts, Dance, and Education


Dance Lab in Lebanon

by Simea Cavelti

Dance as a resourceful and social tool to transform memories and experiences in challenging times - a creative lab resulting in a dance performance and shared with a wide audience across Lebanon.

CHF 6’800
68 %
14 days to go

Film, Kids / Youth, and Art

Lomé and Cotonou


by Indi_casa, Loic Clapstories, and Gains’Skeye

Contribute to this life project with us. Together we will make a beautiful documentary about an orphan reconnecting with his family and his journey to get there.

CHF 7’806
39 %
24 days to go

Publishing and Tourism


Monatelange Recherchen im Internet, stundenlange Filme in You Tube - alles auf der Suche nach interessanten Hotspots und Spartipps, die das möglich machen. Für die Praxis brauche ich Unterstützung.

0 %
28 days to go



«Crude» ist das Debut-Album von Zelda Weber. Feinster Neo-Retro-Future-Adult-Soul... Selbstverständlich soll, nein: muss, dieses Meisterwerk auch als Schallplatte erscheinen! Mit Deiner Unterstützung.

EUR 1’458
43 %
21 days to go

Film, Community, and Art



by Benjamin Baumgartner

«When we get home» (Wenn wir wieder zu Hause sind) is an anti-war short film that aims to reflect the senselessness and drama of war and make people think.

EUR 200
6 %
49 days to go

Film, Community, and Performing Arts


CALIGULA - the movie

by Picco-Studio

CALIGULA as a feature film in Vienna in 2023! Dazzling and contemporary. Critical, political, sexy. Support us to stay independent!

EUR 30
1 %
20 days to go



Grüß euch! Ich bin Marco und freue mich über jegliche Unterstützung zum Herzensprojekt «Debütalbum». Seit Jahren arbeite ich konstant an meiner Musikkarriere und es ist noch kein Ende in Sicht.