Bitcoin and blockchain are big in Switzerland. We quiz the leading actors in Switzerland and display the breath of the technology. The book in German is a collaboration with the Museum of Digital Art.

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A peek behind the scenes of the «Crypto Nation Switzerland»

According to the historian and bestseller author Yuval Noah Harari money is the most important human invention. Cryptocurrencies are newly invented money. Blockchain shall enable transfer of valuables and ensure online identities. The token economy is about building distributed trust. Will Switzerland be leading this money revolution?

A small country like Switzerland is spearheading the re-invention of money. Even though many Swiss had not heard of bitcoin, blockchain or an initial coin offering (ICO) until very recently, Switzerland experienced an ICO boom in 2017. Switzerland also coined the term «Crypto Valley» that nowadays stretches from Zug to Zurich. The «Crypto Valley» is making news globally.

The underlying blockchain technology is more than just digital money. In the Dezentrum think tank we encounter the first autonomous and smart contract ruled satellite. Procivis in contrast provides electronic identities for Rohingya refugees. And Alpine Mining in Wallis mine cryptocurrencies with cheap hydropower.

Who are these coders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and investors who are engaged in this highly active community? Where does this enthusiasm for new ideas and business models stem from? Is this the end for banks or is it about the democratization of finance? Why are senior members of finance such as Rainer Marc Frei, Jorge Paulo Leeman and the Princely Family of Liechtenstein interested in this community?

The crypto- and blockchain-communities are attracting global attention. The Swiss federal counsellor Johann Schneider-Ammann even coined the term «Crypto Nation Switzerland». Interested parties from all over the world visit Switzerland in order to learn about the newest technologies and businesses. Not far from Paradeplatz in Zurich the first blockchain hub opened this April. The blockchain technology is being applied to real estate all the way to the identification of refugees. Why is this all happening right here in Switzerland?

The first book about the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities in Switzerland

Switzerland belongs the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain countries. In exclusive interviews we talk to the leading figures and show the breath of the technology. We will cover a whole range of topics from different perspectives.

Support the first book about the bitcoin and blockchain communities in Switzerland

Your support will enable us to exclusively interview the leading thinkers in the bitcoin and blockchain communities in Switzerland. The results of these interviews will be published in a premium limited book in German. The book cover will be designed by the award-winning designer Christian Etter of the Museum of Digital Art in Zurich. The book will be formatted by an algorithm.