A carbon free expedition sailing boat

Currently, the Knut relies, like almost all expedition sailboats, on an auxiliary diesel-powered engin. And like for all expedition sailboats, the question often arrises weather it’s the sail that’s auxiliary rather than the engine.

Since 2016, the Knut has embarked many artists, freeskiers, sailors. Beautiful explorations, but always with this one little problem: An old, greasy, and very thirsty diesel engin…

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A clean, green boat

Our new project is to install an electric engin in our boat. This isn’t a hybrid system (with requires a diesel generator to charge the batteries), but a concept involving both engin and sailing - the boat produces her own energy, green energy.

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Not possible without your help!

The energetic transition has a cost! But without having to stop at the fuel jetty anymore, our installation will be paid over a decade.

Cost of the operation : 70’000 Swiss Francs (CHF) But:

  • A research center kindly offered us our battery pack, made of batteries initially used for research and development.
  • The pledge of this crowdfunding, full of sexy rewards, is going to top up our budget.
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