We need building material! With this and your support we would like to build a greenhouse in the Tibetan mountain village of Embalama to supply the village population with organic vegetables and more.

CHF 5’090

20% of CHF 25’000

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 26/11/2018

Together with You we want to build something!

Roughly 200 Tibetans live in Embala, situated in the region Helambu, north-east of Kathmandu, Nepal. The 2015 earthquake has destroyed here in the Himalayas over 90% of all houses. With the construction of a model farm we would like to show the local population that it is worthwhile not only to stay in Nepal but that even the countryside offers opportunities for young people. On the land of a former farm we are going to build a greenhouse (26x16 m) for organic vegetables and fruits. During the cold months it will be heated by solar power. Additionally, a toilet house will be built.

A perspective for the villagers

Together with the Tibetan villagers it will all be started! Such a greenhouse will not only cover their own consumption of vegetables but it will also provide a regular income by the sale of the organic products in nearby markets. It is also planned to engage the youth from the local school for the running of this project and may be – who knows – also for the staffing of another dream project – an Eco Café for tourists.

Shocking road conditions and the need for construction material

Road conditions in the Helambu region are almost always very bad. Our local Nepali-Tibetan partners Lhakpa and Urkin are both from the village of Timbu and know therefore the local situation – and conditions - very well. We know from a previous project that they are able to organize the construction and the transport of materials together with the local population within a very limited budget. That means that most of the funds will be needed for the construction material. As an incentive to gain the support of local workers, it will be announced that the greenhouse will be turned over to a local cooperative for exploitation.

Do you know that all the incentives offered to you for your support come directly from this region? Therefore, all our local purchases support again local trade and handicraft.

In case we collect more than the needed SFr. 25’000.–, we will use these funds for additional buildings of the model farm.

Snowland Children Foundation, founded in 2017, is engaged heavily in this region and has already two years ago successfully organized the re-construction of the local water supply as well as the re-construction of a small school and two community houses. The foundation is registered and tax-exempt.

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