On May 14th and 15th, the first networking weekend of the feminist strike collectives in Switzerland will take place in the «Gaskessel» in Bern!

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On May 14th and 15th, 2022, the weekend of the feminist strike collectives will take place at «Gaskessel» in Bern! Our plan is to exchange ideas about current political issues, network, recharge our batteries and get in the mood for the feminist strike day on June 14, 2022.

The weekend is being organized by the various feminist strike collectives from all over Switzerland. Make sure to already safe the date in your calendar and tell all of your friends about it! For two days, members of the feminist collectives (and those who are interested!) from all over Switzerland will meet in Bern to exchange ideas and getting to know each other. Lectures, workshops and panel discussions await you - for example on the topics: feminism and motherhood, care initiative, anti-militarism, feminist strike 2023 and many more! Among other things, we’ll organize a creative workshop, we’ll get to know each other other by speed dating and on Saturday there will be a big party! More information about the program will follow soon.

The feminist weekend is special because..

Never before have various strike collectives from all over Switzerland come together to collectively organize a feminist weekend. Our main focus will be on personal exchange, getting to know each other and to network but we will also organize workshops and presentations on important feminist topics. It is our believe, that can only confront the challenges of our time if we stand and fight together. The challanges beeing misogyny and anti-queer movements, open racism, hatred on the internet - and the current attacks from the right wing politicians against AHV. We are sure, that true equality can be made possible, if we all stick together and support each other.

This is what I need backing for

The weekend of the feminist strike collectives lives from numerous unpaid working hours, that are put into the preparation by feminists all over Switzerland. However, we are in need of your donation for things only money can buy. Like the rent of the «Gaskessel», fair fees for speakers that hold the Workshops, technicians, translators and the party we are planning for Saturday night.