After Cosmonaut Training in Star City, Moscow : next goal Space !

In 2016, I went for the first time in Star City, Moscow, where I received a Cosmonaut Training in Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. I had the chance to live my first Zero-G flight including 10 parabolas of 25-28 seconds of pure weightlessness ! An awesome experience ! But I don’t want to stop there. My next goal is to become the 2nd Swiss, after Claude Nicollier, to cross the Karman line and to give a chance to 5 persons to join me in Space ! The amount collected during this campaign will be used to launch the Project worldwide, to produce the Mission Patch, to order the Space Products (Space Food, Space T-Shirts, Space Caviar) and to cover some extra costs (website, legal parts, marketing, etc.).

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At the end of this Project, 5 persons will fly with me to Space in 2019 or 2020.

My Project is to be the 2nd Swiss to fly to Space, by crossing the Karman Line (at 100 kilometers of altitude). I also want to share my dream and to offer a chance to 5 Spaceflight Participants to come with me in Space. We will then be able to watch the Earth from Space, during 4-5 minutes in a weightlessness environment (Zero-G), receiving later on the Official Diploma and Wings of Commercial Astronaut.

Your sponsoring will help me to be able to launch officially my Space Project Worldwide : «a ticket to Space».

The amount collected via this Crowdfunding will help me to launch officially the Space Project Worldwide, via the opening of the website on the 12th of April 2019. The huge and massive interest shown by the press, by the reactions received via social sites and by the support and positive words received worldwide is pushing me to succeed. As Gene Kranz said (he was the former Flight Director during the mission Apollo 13), failure is not an option !

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