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The last summer in the old Gesero Hut

The purpose of the collection is to invest in small works of embellishment and renovation in order to ensure a warm welcome to hikers, facilitate the stay in the hut and offer a typical food service promoting local products.

With your help we would also like to create some leisure areas, for example: reading corner, bonfire, hammocks area in the larch wood and table for board games.

The summer opening includes: opening the toilets, the refectory, the kitchen, the terrace and the two rooms with eight beds each.


One last chance

In view of the realization of the project for the new Gesero hut, from next year the new hut will be opened. It is located at 20 minutes of walk and 200 meters of difference in height from the old one.

Given the historical importance of the hut we want to make it live the last season to its full potential.

We want to commit ourselves in giving the possibility to those who have never visited it to know it, to those who know it to say hello and to everyone to meet the new guardians!


What is your support for?

We will undertake to make interventions that will improve and create the atmosphere and the climate that we would like to transmit, in order to welcome you in the middle of nature, at the foot of the Corno del Gesero, in a convivial and rich of delicacies environment.

As a thank you for your participation you will have vouchers for the stay and the toll (patrician road).

The funds will be invested in restoration material, supplies, tools, machinery and accessories necessary for the optimal functioning of the structure.

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