The Wall... next step

In 2013, I created a campaign named Sea Rocks. A wall to cover! on wemakeit for the creation of a wall installation made from flameworked glass elements. The campaign ended successfully and I was able to start work. I used the funds to buy the equipment upgrade I needed to work on a larger scale.

What I already accomplished

In 2014, a second campaign enabled me to get the raw materials necessary to start production and a prototype (and portable) version of my installation was created.

This 150 x 50 cm panel was exhibited at the Vitrofestival in Romont (Switzerland) in the spring of 2015, then in the Forum de l’Hôtel de Ville in Lausanne during the summer and at the Salon des Arts du Feu in Yverdon in the autumn.

What I need

The life of a studio being in perpetual motion, I need to invest again in equipment to continue the work, namely a large oxygen concentrator to supply the oxygen for my torch... hence this third quick campaign.

What is an oxygen concentrator?

It is a machine that extracts the oxygen from the air, concentrates it and supplies it as a pressured flow of almost pure oxygen. The torches I use need both propane and oxygen and concentrators are much safer to use than oxygen tanks.

What’s in it for you?

The rewards were designed to help you plan your Christmas gifts. I hope you like them!

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