Us and our concept

We are two brothers intolerant to gluten and dairy products, and Good Food Artisans was born from our journey. Since this discovery that has changed our lives, we have learned to combine pleasure with a healthy diet, taking into account our intolerances.

Today we are committed to sharing good food, healthy for the body and the mind. And by elaborating all our products ourselves, we have become the artisans of our well-being.

All our products are gluten free, corn, soy and dairy products and these products never enter our premises. As far as possible, our ingredients are local and organic. Our recipes are healthy, without additives or preservatives and reflect our love for authenticity. We create gourmet products to reconcile the intolerant with the pleasure of eating healthy.

We started the adventure by creating a range of gourmet gluten-free breads with simple ingredients. The bread base is made with organic flours: rice, buckwheat and potato starch. To this we add water, yeast, a pinch of sugar to make them fermented, a touch of salt, and a little guar gum for preservation. White, Brown or 4 seeds, and a fig / walnut season bread at the moment, some choice to allow you the pleasure of a nice fresh bread to the daily :-)

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Our beginning and our needs

The reason for crowdfunding is simple. We want to make life easy for intolerant people, for them to find gourmet products in as many places as possible. We started producing our gluten-free breads since September. You have told us that they are delicious and a total success and we want to continue to please you :-)

We currently deliver our breads in the specialized grocery stores and restaurants of the canton Vaud / Geneva (list available on our website). It is a real movement that we are leading with this project, and we need you to get there!

Your support is essential so that we can continue to distribute breads and develop new gluten and dairy-free products (pastries, ice creams, juices …) and share them with you!

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The amount we collect will be used to set up a large production and development facility in Corcelles-le-Jorat (near Lausanne) and to cover part of the costs of fitting out the premises, purchasing equipment:

  • a professional big oven
  • a high capacity professional mixing robot
  • stainless steel worktops and sinks
  • cooking tools
  • trolleys and trays
  • washable paint on all walls
  • packaging and branding
  • initial stock

All rewards will be delivered by the fall.