This is what it's all about: 1oo1 dreams of sustainability

The camel symbolizes the south of Morocco. To prevent thirst, its humps store up to 150 liters of water. Paradoxes: Drinking water is sold in plastic bottles in Morocco. There’s plastic everywhere. With Hakuna Matata we want to create a slightly different meeting point: A watering hole without plastic, a source of good vibes, creativity and healthy, organic food. The first sustainable restaurant in southern Morocco. In a beautiful place near Agadir on the Moroccan coast. Beautiful, but a hard plaster.

We have been trying to open for almost a year. Most locals do not think outside the box, have little awareness of nature and make each other unnecessary difficulties. We have felt this in our own bodies. We don’t give up, because we believe in good vibes. But for that we need you! ♥ We can’t do it alone anymore.

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Our project is special because ...

Hakuna Matata - a place where everyone is welcome. Where everyone can feel free - no matter what gender or religion. Where seasonal organic products are cooked in a sustainable way and not with pesticide-polluted vegetables from the souk. Where furniture is made from natural materials and not from plastic. Where free workshops on sustainable topics such as waste separation, composting or healthy nutrition are held for everyone. Where sustainability is exemplified and hopefully inspires a rethink in people. Where you can stock up on healthy food in the integrated health food store. Where there is room for creativity, workshops and personal realization. Those who live here know that there is not much to do besides surfing. The coffees are usually occupied by men and integration is anything but easy.

What encourages us: We are often asked when we are you opening? Many people are waiting for something else that doesn’t just serve tajine, pizza or couscous. But everything that is sustainable or has quality costs enormous amounts of money in Morocco.

This is what w need backing for.

We wanted to finance our project with our own funds, but now we realize that we cannot do it on our own. So many obstacles have been put in our way that we need your help. We need your support to finance a water filter for the mentioned water point, wood for the rest of the restaurant and adjoining organic food store furnishings, the finalization of the community terrace for workshops, the kitchen equipment for the preparation of organic food.

But we don’t just want to «bite the dust» off of you, we invite you to discover beautiful Morocco with its breathtaking starry sky, the wonderful scents and the varied nature. Choose a reward on place, which we can send you home (to bring the moroccan spirit to your house) or just donate. ♥

Hakuna Matata means «There are no (hakuna) problems/difficulties (matata)»»- helps us to free our project from the worries, so that we can finally spread lightness and sustainability.