The life of Crown Prince Rudolf, son of Empress Sisi and Emperor Franz Joseph I, was dazzling and dramatic - and ended in tragedy. We are turning it into a historical graphic novel.

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A graphic novel for Crown Prince Rudolf

1889 was a shock for the whole of Europe and was to have a lasting effect on the world.

As the successor to his father Franz Joseph I, would Rudolf have been capable of saving the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy? We do not know. But one thing is clear - Rudolf, a liberal intellectual, was a vehement lifelong opponent of anti-Semitism and hatred of other nationalities.

Rudolf’s political goal, clearly stated in many publications, was a united Europe of liberal states. All the more tragic was his early death, together with a young woman who was hopelessly in love with him.

  • Draft entrance scene «I, Rudolf»
    Draft entrance scene «I, Rudolf»
  • Another scene «I, Rudolf»
    Another scene «I, Rudolf»

My project is special because ...

With the young and contemporary medium of the «graphic novel,» for the first time we offer this unconventional character Rudolf an appropriate stage in the 21st century. To him - and also to his lover Baronesse Mary Vetsera, who died with him in Mayerling.

This final phase of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and, of course, the entire European family of nations have always been of great interest to me personally. After all, many of the developments that took place then are also significant for our lives today - from culture to science and politics.

And I would be pleased to be able to inspire others to deal with our recent past through the publications of my publishing house.

This is what I need backing for.

A graphic novel is something like a comic book - but then again not ;-) The differences lie in the creative process, which is more tedious in the research, which can take months, especially for historical graphic novels, and finally in the technical production design, which can be very sophisticated in character.

For me as a small publisher (who, by the way, recently published «Das k.u.k. Verbrecheralbum» (The Criminal Album of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, see this means: good illustrators require decent pay, research is not done in service to God, and a print quality worth seeing may pay off in sales, but has to be paid for in cash in advance at the printing house.

That’s why I turn to you, because I can’t manage this production alone. Do you like reading graphic novels (or even collecting them)? And are you also interested in history? Then please take a look at the prepared rewards and be part of the digital publishing team of the new graphic novel «I, Rudolf»!