Our film project, currently titled IWACU MU MURYANGO - «Feeling At Home In A Family», portrays the lives of children and teenagers affected by an ambitious child care reform in Rwanda. We need your financial support so that we, the film team, are able to provide all the resources needed for filming and production, starting mid-September 2019.

To this day, many achievements have been made to ensure the reform is a success for all stakeholders. Since 2013, children and teenagers living in institutions in Rwanda have been placed into family-based care. Almost all of the 37 orphanages in Rwanda have since been closed and the deinstitutionalisation process continues.

However, to guarantee the reform’s sustainability and, consequently, the well-being of the children and foster families, we need to increase awareness. The documentary shows the milestones and challenges such a reform process brings with it and its impact on the Rwandan society as a whole.

By screening it across Rwanda and its neighbouring countries as well as by holdingpanels and discussions in 2020, this film will make an important contribution to launch a dialogue about the final efforts needed to ensure that the reform is a success: Children living in institutions regain their right to be raised in a safe and supportive family environment which is grounded in Rwandan culture.

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Jennifer, Liliane, and the twins Carmella and Eric grew up in the Peace Village. Due to the 2013 reform they were integrated into families. We give an insight into how they reflect on their lives before they moved in, whilst living in the institution and then after being integrated into family life. Liliane, one of the young ladies, must decide if she is safe in her father’s family and has to make a difficult decision.

The subjects explain the meaning of being raised by different parents and legal guardians in detail. How do they experience major changes in their lives in the difficult phase of puberty? What kind of wishes and plans do they have for their future? Perhaps the change also brings with it the chance to leave behind old patterns of behaviour that make life difficult for them.

The documentary also gives a voice to their new caregivers, who tell the journey of welcoming them to their homes. Based on various statements by staff members of different agencies and organizations, the documentary additionally explores the meaning and precise context of this ambitious reform.


We are a fully Rwandan film team with many years of experience in the Rwandan film industry, partnered with our producer based in Vienna, Austria. We are passionate and realistic about telling important stories about child rights.

Other than the current films/motion pictures (which are mostly advertising films and screen records) dealing with the deinstitutionalization program and the corresponding stakeholders, our 52 minute documentary focuses on giving the four protagonists the opportunity to make themselves heard.

There’s much we can learn from those children and young adults, their families and the Rwandan society.


To this day, we haven’t taken on any funds for our project. Since the beginning of 2019, we have worked almost completely at our own expense to bring the documentary to its final stage. We now need your support! In September 2019, we start shooting the documentary. Although we are fortunate that most members of our team have agreed to work for a low professional rate for development or production work, this campaign raises the capital needed at the end of the day for production and postproduction.

To be more precise, your funds will go toward making sure all film crew members are paid for their work, as well as covering the following costs such as:

  • Crew Members’ Salaries
  • Equipment Rental
  • Legal Fees & Permits/Security Papers
  • Travel & Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Catering
  • Insurance
  • Editing
  • Translation


Director: Ndimbira Shenge Claudine, Director Of Photography (DOP): Habarugira Valens, Assistant (DOP): Nyangezi Papias, Producer: Markus E. Bader, Co-Producer: Kemayire Gahunga Pierre, Line Producer: Mahoro Nicodeme, Sound Engineer: Nzeyuwera Regis Gaffer: Nsengiyumva Jean Luc, Drone Pilot: Ndayishimiye Shakuru Claude, Editor: Habineza Jean Baptiste, Translation: Nizigiyimana Gratias, Chauffeur: Bushayija Tharcisse, Administration/Permits: Havugimana John Peter & Harerimana Ahmed

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