The eye of the Montreux Jazz Festival

For four decades, Vevey photographer Edouard Curchod has shot every single edition of the mythical jazz festival of Montreux.

Edouard’s archives cover an exceptional range of key moments–most of which have never been published.

Structure of Jazzygraphies

The originality of the book lies in its organization by instruments. Rather than presenting a series of chronological or alphabetical selection, Jazzygraphies innovates: chapters such as Guitars, Keyboards, Voices and Trumpets illustrate Edouard Curchod’s talent in a creative way.

This editorial choice covering many different periods and festival editions reveals the coherence of Edouard’s vision. This approach places living and passed away musicians side by side, as well as unforgettable legends and newcomers of the jazz scene.

To our knowledge, this concept is a world’s premiere in jazz photo book.

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The book in a few words

  • 220 photos (around)
  • 228 pages
  • Dimensions : 30 x 30 cm, binded (hardcover)
  • Printing: 2’000 copies
  • Author : Gregoire Montangero (under the direction of)
  • Foreword: Mathieu Jaton, director MJF
  • Interview of Edouard Curchod: Gregoire Montangero
  • Edition : french-english
  • Publisher: Association Publi-Libris, Grégoire Montangero et Philippe Sarda, in Bex

Edouard Curchod – Some biographical notes

«Music fascinates me. I taste it with my ears but also with my eyes. I like to catch the movement, the magic of light and the infinite expressions that musical emotion imprints on the face of musicians.» It’s easy to believe Edouard Curchod when he talks about his relationship with jazz and images. Professional photographer and press reporter Edouard Curchod, born in 1951, is from Vevey by origin and heart. The richness and quality of his production (more than half a million jazz pictures) explain why its images decorate the walls of the Montreux Jazz Cafe around the globe. For the same reasons, they illustrate a collection of CD and DVD of the greatest moments of the MJF.

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