Concert on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2015

With works by Louise Farrenc, Fanny Hensel, Sofia Gubaidulina and Ethel Smyth

  • Actress: Satu Blanc
  • Orchestra: L’anima giusta
  • Soprano: Maya Boog
  • Conductor: Jessica Horsley

We are organising a concert entitled «frauenkomponiert» to take place on International Women’s Day in the main concert hall of the Basel Stadt-Casino. Professional musicians from Basel’s main orchestras and freelance musicians from Basel and the surrounding area will come together with Maya Boog (soprano) and Jessica Horsley (conductor) to perform 19th- and 20th-century compositions by women of various nationalities.

In times past, the orchestra was primarily a male sphere, but there are excellent pieces by women composers that are not included in the standard orchestral repertoire of today. Our vision is to introduce these works to the music world and to make a significant contribution to music diversity.

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Who are we?

We are a group of enthusiasts for the project and not professional concert organisers. We learn to do whatever we need to for the project as the need arises. It’s a process of learning by doing!

  • Jessica Horsley (Project initiator and conductor) is a musician
  • Bernadette Fries Bolli (Music representative) is a cellist
  • Ursula Gschwind (Publicity) is a CD- und music advisor
  • Dominic Meier (Finances) is a Businessman
  • Gertrud Perler (Supporting programme) is a Coach for Integrative Body Psychotherapy

  • In the Circle of Friends of the project are: Thüring Bräm (Composer); Bernard Hucher (Project development); Andrea Loetscher (Sponsoring)

  • Honorary president of the project is Sofia Gubaidulina

Why do we need crowdfunding?

Organising an orchestral concert involves large sums and – even if we were brave enough to wait for the day itself – the costs can never be covered by ticket prices. So we need support from foundations, sponsors, patrons… and from crowd funding.

Our total budget is CHF 125’000. We hope to make 10% of that (for room and music rental, props, pay..) via crowdfunding. It would be great to have your support.

There are lots of great rewards for your support!

Amongst our rewards you will find not only personally dedicated photos, CDs and free tickets, but also for example biscuits hand-baked by famous soprano Maya Boog, a conducting lesson from Jessica Horsley (to enjoy or pass on…) and an invitation to an exclusive dinner with chamber music. No lack of imagination there then!