Even though Lausanne is a small city, it offers a variety of cultural events, and it has it’s own subway, the M2. The M2 replaced an old line, nicknamed La Ficelle, that used to connect the train station to the lake.

La Ficelle is also the name we chose for our project, a website and a magazine about Lausanne. Our team is eager to share its favorite places, events and stories that contribute to make our city such a special place.

What is it?

  • A magazine that tells stories about the city and its people. Each issue is focused around one theme, and comes with a big map so beautiful it’s just asking to be hanged on a wall.
  • A website, with guides and venues in Lausanne carefully selected by our team, and columns about the city’s cultural scene, music and society.

Who’s behind it?

A team of journalists, writers, photographs, illustrators and graphic designers. We are all passionate about what we do and cannot wait to share new perspectives on a city we love.

Why is there a wemakeit

The money raised through wemakeit will help us pay for the printing costs, the website’s launch and compensate our talented contributors.

What’s in there for me?

Besides the pride of being part of an amazing project, we put together a selection of rewards, made in collaboration with local artisans.

(The rewards pictured above are mock-ups. The design of the actual rewards may be altered and look even better.)