Lago Mio artist residency

by Lago Mio and Benedikt Wyss


Above the roofs of Lugano in an old house, we opened an artist residency with very little money. Now we are collecting to pay tribute to the work of our first guests in an exhibition with a catalog.

CHF 7’502

107% of CHF 7’000

"107 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

47 backers

Successfully concluded on 4/8/2019

An artist residence overlooking Lugano lake

Lago Mio Artist Residency is the first artist residency in the heart of Lugano and every summer we invite two / three artists to spend two months in our city.

Out of 112 applications received for the 2019 edition, our jury (Elise Lammer - Lausanne, Giovanna Silva - Milan, Benedikt Wyss - Basel) chose three artists involved in social cinema: Chika Anadu (Nigeria / UK), Tobias Madison (CH / US) and Zayne Armstrong (EU / US).

During the period of residence in Lugano the three artists will work on three independent film projects. We are looking for funds to support the production costs of the exhibition (opening on 25 October) and of the catalog!

A call to the arts

Lago Mio is a project that needs the support of everyone, institutions, and individuals. The 2019 edition started thanks mainly to the support of some private individuals and the City of Lugano, but we still lack part of the budget to cover the costs.

By accepting this «call to the arts» you will not only allow Lago Mio to bear the costs of production for the exhibition and the important catalog, but you will also give an important signal to our city and institutions.

Why you should support Lago Mio

Do you also believe in the importance of independent culture? Do you want a more open and international Lugano? Are you curious to see the result of this first edition of Lago Mio?

If the answer is yes, you are in the right place! We are 11 (!) passionate volunteers caring about art and culture and we are looking for funding for the production of the final exhibition (October 25th) and for the creation of an interactive catalog of the first edition of Lago Mio Artist Residency.

We also hope that this campaign can bring attention to the issue of supporting bottom up cultural initiatives.

In exchange for your support, we offer many exclusive cultural experiences including studio visits and moments of exchange with the artists, of the daily passes at the Locarno Film Festival, a unique and unmissable view of the fireworks on August 1st, in addition to limited publications and unique works of art.