Leman!c – more than a simple spiced rum

We are Tristan and Cyril, founders of Leman!c, two old friends who want to have an impact on the lake Geneva region with a subtle and innovative product.

Thanks to Tristan’s beekeeper experience and Cyril’s entrepreneurial mindset, we decidedto bound the construction of new bee hives to the production of spiced rum with swiss honey. Voila! Leman!c was created!

After multiple trials and errors, we found 3 spices with powerful taste that sublimate the taste of our rum with a pinch of swiss honey:

  • Cocoa
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
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Leman!c – how does it work?

The concept is very simple: for each bee hive that we build, we produce 200 bottles of spiced rum. We elaborate our rum with high quality spices, selected specially by us, to which we add wonderful swiss honey to sublimate all ingredients in a very balanced and subtle mix. We are taking care of the whole traditional process, from preparation of the spices through glueing our label, without forgetting to seal the cork with a wonderful collar. We leave nothing to chance!

You have (an exclusive opportunity) today to support us in this adventure by ordering bottles through this crowdfunding. Don’t wait – we count on you – and a huge THANK YOU in advance for helping us save the bees.

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Leman!c – what is your support useful for ?

We can’t make this project without YOU. Your contribution will allow us to finance the material and the required equipment to launch our production, which are:

1st part of CHF 10’000 CHF:

  • Stainless steel tanks in order to macerate our rum in the best conditions.
  • Rum stock that we need to import from Marie-Galante, a small island in the Caribbean where we have a deal with a distillery.
  • Exceptional species that are coming from remoted countries, hard to reach during those COVID-19 time.
  • Cooking cutlery and a table for our food laboratory in order to respect the sanitary legislation.
  • And of course, the construction of our first bee hive!

2nd part of CHF 10000 CHF:

  • An automatic bottling machine to lower our wastes which represents a very costly investment.
  • A second set of stainless steel tanks in order increase our production capacity.
  • Bottles and label stock in order to enable production any time we want.
  • And of course, the construction of our second bee hive!

By supporting us, you are making this innovative and a bit crazy product possible and supporting the bee population in our beautiful region at the same time.

Have we already said THANK YOU for your support? THANK YOU!

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