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by Johannes


Chamber Jazz Ensemble «Vienna Chamber Diaries» will celebrate its 10 year anniversary. Time for a special release! Help us to produce our 3rd album!

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Vienna Chamber Diaries, Vol.3

«The Vienna Chamber Diaries» is a leading ensemble in the area of Jazz Chamber music. 2022 will mark our 10th anniversary. We will celebrate with a big concert at Vienna Konzerthaus featuring the Symphonieorchester Vorarlberg and outstanding soloists such as Wolfgang Muthspiel.

Of course this cries for a new release and so we set out to record our 3rd album this year. The scores under the working title «Music for Jazz Chamber Ensemble & String Orchestra» are finished. The string section is already recorded. The ensemble recordings will follow in August. Like with my last CD, we will release on Basho Records. A small, but distinguished Jazz Label in London, home to some of Britain’s finest Jazz musicians.

About the music

Some of my earliest musical influences are Keith Jarrett and classical chamber music. The Vienna Chamber Diaries are an attempt to bridge the two: Jazz and classical music. Improvisation and Composition in an unique synthesis on the highest artistic level. The new album will feature the soaring sound of a 20-piece string orchestra together with improvisational explorations of internationally acclaimed soloists:

Wolfgang Muthspiel (Guitar), Klaus Gesing (Saxophon, Bass Clarinet), 
Gwilym Simcock (Piano), 
Johannes Dickbauer (Violin
), Florian Eggner (Cello), 
Christian Bakanic (Accordion, Percussion), 
Yuri Goloubev (Bass)

What you get

Wonderful Music! An insight into the production of the album and the satisfying feeling of directly supporting Jazz artists at their attempts to create some special moments for you. You can do so with a pre-order of the CD or by getting any of the other packages which include score material, concert tickets, the complete Berauer discography (VCD 1,2,3, Hourglass, Tiny Orchestra) or an exclusive track from the 2022 premiere, which will not be published anywhere else. Official release is in spring 2022. All Crowdfunders will get the CD pre-release in December 2021. Early enough to consider it as a christmas present too! :)

Your contribution will enable us to realize this huge production. Apart from mixing, mastering, artwork, … it will secure an appropriate fee for all the wonderful musicians.

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