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Here’s what we do

At the ’Bateau-Lavoir’, trainees in the reintegration program gain work experience, learn skills and build up their self-confidence. They also develop social and professional networks.

The café-restaurant works in close cooperation with several placement agencies, and notably the Association BAB-VIA. Certified supervisory staff assist the trainees at all times.

Interview with Melissa (trainee) and Séverine (supervisor).

Social work, but more than that …

Boat wash houses were for many years a feature along the Geneva riverside. As part of their reintegration training programs back in 2000, the young trainees created something both atypical and unique: the ’Bateau-Lavoir’!

Today this café-restaurant is a place not to be missed, where people, parties, delicious food, music and cultural events come together!

Between March 2012 and December 2020 we organised more than 200 concerts and 50 DJ nights!

And the story goes on, but from now on it’s with YOU!

Why we need your support

Our institution functions without external subsidies or support. It depends entirely upon its commercial activity. The ’Bateau-Lavoir’ has been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis.

The repeated closures and health restrictions imposed by the authorities have obliged us to solicit bank credits to honour our commitments. The available federal/cantonal support packages cover only a small part of our fixed costs, and will not be sufficient.

Here’s where you can help in actively contributing to saving the ’Bateau-Lavoir’!

CONTRIBUTE to this fundraising campaign and SHARE it with all your friends. Come aboard so that the ’Bateau-Lavoir’ can continue its voyage at the heart of life in Geneva!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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