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Herzlichen Dank für die grosse Unterstützung!

Anna ist daran, das Buch nun auf Deutsch zu übersetzen. Jonas, ein Publizist, bietet ebenfalls seine Erfahrung und Unterstützung an.

Euch allen, tausend Dank!
markjmoser am 20.5.2017 20:37
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This is so encouraging! It motivates me and makes me thankful that you believe in this project and express this with you support.

Anna from Germany has started translating the book into German.
Today I had a phone call with Jonas who has published books and would like to help me get this book printed, distributed and made available in bookstores and libraries.

A big thank you to you all!
markjmoser am 20.5.2017 20:35
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Thanks so much Nora! That is really kind of you. Mark
markjmoser am 20.5.2017 14:04
Good luck with your project!
Nora (Judith's sister)
Nora am 20.5.2017 14:01