This is what it's all about.

Matières Noires is an augmented reality comic. The book will be released in november together with a free app (iPhone/iPad and Android), which uses image recognition to add new visual elements, as well as sound, to every page via your smartphone or tablet.

In this dark speechless tragicomedy, we follow three characters , each of them with their troubles, neuroses and loneliness.

The augmented reality allows to get in the head of each character, and acts as a key to better understand the way they see the world.

Jean-Jacques is obsessed by cleanliness, and, above all, vacuum cleaners. Marie follows on making mistakes in her daily and professional life. Smartphone addict, she harbours another really strange passion… Michel is an old hunter who is fighting between his disgust for his work and the ghost of his father, who won’t forgive him that weakness.

About the author

Silvain Monney, born 1993, obtained his bachelor in animation film in 2017 in Lucerne. The project «Matières Noires» was created as Bachelor project. Since then, he has been working as a freelance artist in Fribourg (comics and animation). He already published «Marée Noire» with the same publisher.

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Original papercuts

Here are the original pages available as rewards. These are papercuts (black paper cut with small scissors and glued on white paper) They are size A4 and each of them is signed.

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