Free the Viennese from Grumpiness! Monster Hunt is an app to discover the soul of the city in a playful way. Help us finish the first game in Vienna so we can go international next!

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Successfully concluded on 14/11/2021


Everyone knows Freud and Sisi; but do you know the Cow with Glasses, the one that plays backgammon with the wolf? Or the other monsters that make the Viennese grumpy?

Uncover the secrets of Vienna while wandering through its streets, find the charming spots far away from the tourist traps. Discover the curiosities that make the soul of the city.

Monster Hunt is a game to get to know a city, even when you are not there. It contains maps and riddles to find curious spots, and is playable both on location and from home.

If you want to play from home and discover Vienna remotely, you can use the portal to enable Google Street View and roam the streets virtually.

If you are already in Vienna, turn on your GPS and play directly on location.

Our first Monster Hunt game is for Vienna and contains various Story Packs exploring different themes and locations. Once we are finished with it, we will start creating more Monster Hunts, with each one focusing on a different city in the world.


We’re an indie urban games studio from Vienna creating playful experiences of discovery for all ages.

We’re about stories, not superlatives.

We’re about that feeling that you cannot find in a guide book, but would find when you stumble across something unique and charming in a city you thought you knew well. 


Making a good game takes a lot of time and energy. Along with investing our own resources, we have received Creative Impact funding from Austria Wirtschaftsservice and won the Content Award from Vienna Business Agency . We have been running the project since almost a year now, but still need the last 10% to complete the playable alpha version. 

The game currently has one Story Pack: Alt Wien (Old Vienna). With your support, we will design and produce the second and third Story Packs: Forgotten City (weird and mysterious corners of the city) and Guild of Flowers (Viennese artists and their works).

Also, with your help, we can test our game with a wider audience and use this chance to fix unforeseeable problems.

Once Monster Hunt Vienna is ready, we will continue making Monster Hunts for other cities in the world. As a backer, you can help us decide which city will be next.

Dec 2021: Alpha Release to all backers, delivery of the physical rewards.
Jan 2022: Collect feedback and start development of 2 additional Story Packs.
Feb - May 2022: Technical development of additional features and story packs.
June 2022: Beta Release.
October 2022: Full Game Release on iOS and Android App Stores.

Development Partner: Lost in the Garden.
Sound Design: Aras Levni Seyhan.