The pavilion «Mother Of Pearl» is a vibrant art project and in the future it will serve as a place of cultural exchange for the visitors of the monastery ponds in St.Florian.

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The pavilion «Mother Of Pearl» - Art and Architecture

The pavilion «Mother Of Pearl» is intended as a long-term and holistic art project and it will bring people together.

The pavilion will be realized in summer 2021 for the exhibition «flora pondtemporary» in St. Florian in Upper Austria. The exhibition «flora pondtemporary» is organized by the non-profit association «Kulturdrogerie», Vienna.

«Mother Of Pearl» will remain at the monastery ponds. In the future, the 34sqm pavilion will serve cultural events: As a walk-in work of art, it will not only be available to international artists for performances, exhibitions, concerts and readings, but will also be accessible to the general public and especially to visitors of the monastery ponds as a new, vibrant meeting point.

«Mother Of Pearl» - Place of Sensuality and Idleness

Our inspiration for «Mother Of Pearl» is the «Jeongja», a Korean pavilion where the fusion of architecture with the surrounding nature is essential.

With our pavilion, we want to create the magical atmosphere of a «Jeongja», an atmosphere of sensuality and idleness.

Floating on the water, the pavilion will function as a place for lively slow-down and is intended to open up new perspectives through its open design.

Why we need your support

For the realization of our art project, we need your support! We specifically collect money for our material costs:

  • for the wood with which we will build the pavilion,
  • for the dichroic effect glasses, which will provide the magic of color,
  • for the supplies that will make the pavilion sustainable, and
  • for the roof garden, a bio-system that will protect the pavilion.

Therefore, we have created beautiful objects for you that match with our project.
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