motu is digging your world

by Motu Christian Steyrl

Zurich, Vienna, and Berlin

I am digging holes with my shovel «Howl» in different places all around the world. The diameter of the holes is 118 inches, the depths amounts 59 inches.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 3/11/2014

The Project – motu is digging your world

I am digging holes in different places around the world as part of his project «motu is digging your world».
The diameter of the holes is 118 inches, the depths amounts 59 inches. The first hole, «hole 00» came into beeing 2006 in Austria.

Why I dig holes?

«motu is digging your world» means I am digging your world, your thoughts, I question your personel world – with the aim that you also start to question your world.

  • What is normal?
  • What must be done, what is allowed?
  • What makes sense?
  • What makes sense in your life?
  • What can a single person reach and change?

My project is a metaphor for the the breakup of a system. The idea is to realise, that everyone is its reason on its own.

Why to support «motu is digging your world»?

It is a question of appreciation and the aim to identify freedome – to find out that pure sanity can not prevail.

Your due is used for:

  • travel expenses
  • documentation

Support «motu is digging your world» and help to grow and spread the project.

The next Hole – «hole 05»

The aim is to dig the 6th hole–project-name «hole 05», this year. The location will be told after the realization.

The best shovel in the world – «Howl»

I am digging with «Howl», a shovel made of spring steel. «Howl» is the best shovel in the world.

List of realized holes

  1. hole 00 / 10-01-2006 / N 48°01’48,0’’ E 014°24’00,1’’
  2. hole 01 / 06-10-2007 / N 39°46’35,3’’ E 003°08’28,8’’
  3. hole 02 / 14-06-2008 / N 63°28’28,2’’ W 018°35’08,5’’
  4. hole 03 / 19-11-2010 / N 42°49’19,4’’ E 013°40’24,9’’
  5. hole 04 / 27-06-2012 / N 37°26’44,6’’ W 008°47’56,3’’

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