Our project in a few words

This first book tells the story of baby’s journey through Helvetic landscapes to get back home. A journey that is actually beautiful and a text made so that your child can make this book his favourite without ever getting bored of it… AND THAT IS NOT ALL! Not only is this book a wonderful journey, it is also customisable. Yes, you read that right! You can write in the name of your child as well as a lot of information related to the birth. You can even put in a picture and choose the new-born that will represent them among 8 possibilities. Is it not amazing? AND THAT IS STILL NOT ALL! We promised an association that we would donate 1 CHF (Swiss franc) for each book sold, as a way to support a project that helps expecting mothers in countries with limited resources. And because we like to go the extra mile, we will also donate one Swiss franc to a Swiss company that is active in reforesting our regions. To us, it is important that this project is a happy project in all aspects.

WHERE DID IT START? It all began with a birth! Lea instilled the project in her mom, Lora. Lora hesitated for a while before plucking up the courage to put her heart and soul into an adventure way bigger than she had imagined. This project took 9 months (ironic, isn’t it?) to be created. This long-term work is: 112 Swiss printing offices contacted, about fifty logos studied, more than 100 illustrators contacted, all that with our legendary humour, smile and good mood. That is a lot of coffee, a lot of work, a lot of long sleepless nights, sometimes a few doubts but always the desire and the certainty that it was worth it. 

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Thanks to your support, we could...

The first goal is 10.000 CHF and will be used to pay back the loan given to us by Maurice from our bank. We admit it, our seed capital was not enough, even though we were responsible. But this project is huge, way bigger than we imagined. My unique story unites many fantastic partners like our printing associate Bubu, our illustrator Miriam, our two translators Jérémy and Leo, as well as Colette who translated the book in patois (yes indeed, in patois!), Greta who is responsible for text formatting, Baptiste our programmer and a lot of others. 

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And also...

For the second step, we would like to promote the immense work generated. Indeed, if we want to last, foresee a second book and hope for financial independence, well we have to work on that as well. To do that, we need you, because thanks to you our project will be sustained and might also create employment? Yes, coronavirus is here, but we are here too, and we hope to rub it the wrong way!

So do not hesitate and go discover our amazing rewards. Indeed, we put our hands in the dirt to create cool thank you gifts. WE COUNT ON YOU!

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