This is what it's all about.

Hey there! We’re the Oba! girls! We make delicious, rich, plant-based ice cream by using our artistic background and energy to transform simple, whole foods into a high-quality frozen dessert that will satisfy your desires for classic, traditional and tropical flavors. We work, develop and dream up our recipes to reach the perfect balance of sweetness and richness. Our mission is to make Oba! the choice of gourmets and to convince you that plant-based ice cream can not only be ethical, but delicious.

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Two friends take on the world.

Soon after meeting at Geneva’s Art and Design School (HEAD) we became fast friends and in 2019 we decided to create Oba!

Alice uses her artistic background and culinary savvy to develop our creative and seductive plant-based recipes.

Garance uses her talents as a graphic designer and illustrator to give Oba! its strong visual identity.

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This is where you come in.

Established in Geneva Oba! is an ice cream brand that needs your help! After a hugely successful summer launch spanning from Geneva to Lausanne, our business needs your help to reach its full potential and conquer the whole country!

Our mission is to share the joy of an ice-cream created and developed with carefully selected ingredients. Thanks to our organic cashew milk and coconut milk we have created a to-die-for texture that will make you swoon. Our ice cream is churned in what is known as the « Ferrari » of ice cream machines in Italy- and this helps us reach a consistency of something in between gelato and ice cream.

Oba! is all about simple, natural and minimally processed ingredients, Oba! is an exclamation of joy in Brazil!

To equip our production lab, we need the following equipment:

  • a filling machine
  • a backup ice-cream machine
  • a fast freezer
  • three freezers
  • a fridge
  • induction plates
  • pots and kitchen utensils
  • scales
  • shelves
  • a table
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • we make it fee

At Oba! we are proud to be part of a food movement that is geared towards a more sustainable way of working while always ensuring taste comes first. We are convinced that our project can contribute to changing the way we think about food by considering the current context. We vow to not use plastic and to always privilege organic and fair-trade ingredients.

By contributing to this project, you will give us a huge boost and allow us to channel our energy into a creative and innovative project that responds to a real demand.