At Pasta Paloma we are convinced that you are what you eat. Support us in the production of biodynamic pasta in Switzerland. Without any chemical-synthetic pesticides or additives.

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From biodynamic cultivation. Without the use of chemical-synthetic pesticides.

It’s time to give value back to our food. This appreciation begins on the plate. We stand up for food that has life in it again.

Unfortunately, the use of chemical-synthetic pesticides has increased by around 80% worldwide since the 1990s. Today, the amount of pesticides applied annually is around 4 million tons. (Source: Pestizidatlas 2022, Heinrich Böll Stiftung). The former miracle cure, had made an important contribution after the 2nd World War to ensure the nutrition of the people. The use of chemical-synthetic pesticides and the development of modern high-performance agricultural varieties made it possible to produce far greater quantities in a shorter time on the same amount of land - and thus improving the nutritional situation of many people. Food could be produced cheaply and in large quantities.

But there are two sides to every coin. 40 years later, the damage caused by industrial agriculture is enormous. The poison applied over decades is having its effect: our soils are becoming more infertile and biodiversity is shrinking to worrying levels. Conventional agriculture is at a dead end and we are paying a price for our need of cheaply produced food.

Why Pasta?

The recipe of a pasta is impressively simple and consists of water and durum wheat. And although pasta is so wonderfully simple, there is so much more inside the pasta from the supermarket than there should be. Durum wheat that is not grown in organic or biodynamic agriculture is always sprayed with pesticides. Such grain is bought and processed on a large scale from the most remote corners of the world by the well-known pasta manufacturers. This flour ends up in the pasta, and the pasta ends up in you.


We work exclusively with Demeter certified durum wheat from biodynamic cultivation. In a natural way and without the use of chemical-synthetic pesticides. Our raw ingredients end up in the pasta the way they were grown in the field.


In close cooperation with the ’Stiftung Töpferhaus’ in Suhr, we produce our pasta in Switzerland. During production and packaging, we are assisted by people with mental impairments. Besides producing a high quality pasta, it is important for us to encourage our helpers to find their place in the working world and society.


Unlike the industry, which uses plastic molds to produce Pasta, our pasta is made in bronze molds. The roughened surface is a quality feature and allows sauces to adhere perfectly.

We do not use any plastic or coatings in the packaging, and rely on natural and fully recyclable materials only.


This is why we need your support


With this amount our next production is secured. We can buy new durum wheat and start the further production of all varieties in our range.


With this amount of money we can invest in a dough kneading machine.

A good pasta is a natural product and is subject to qualitative variations depending on the weather. So it’s in the nature that the gluten content varies from season to season. However, this gluten is essential for us in processing, as it gives pasta its strength and structure.

To prevent the pasta from falling apart, the industry either adds gluten or mixes different flours - depending on the harvest and its quality. For us, neither of these is an option, which is why we pay special attention to ensuring that each grain of durum wheat is moistened with water during preparation of the dough, so that it develops as much gluten as possible.

With a dough kneading machine that works the dough under vacuum, we can increase the development of gluten without sacrificing quality. This allows us to better compensate the fluctuating gluten content in the flour and thus better coordinate our work processes.


Thanks to your help, with this amount we can invest in our packaging system.

Currently, the pasta is weighed, packed in paper bags, closed with metal eyelets and provided with stickers and labels by hand.

In the production and packaging we are assisted by people with mental impairments. The manual work is appreciated by us and our helpers, since it is much more than just a necessary work step. It helps with professional integration and provides a valuable change in the daily structure of our helpers.

By improving our packaging system, the amount of manual labor would decrease somewhat, but it frees up resources in other areas such as storing and shipping the pasta. We try to make the packaging and shipping of our pasta as sustainable as possible. Of course without plastic and only from recyclable materials. With your investment we can redistribute the work areas, increase our efficiency and introduce further improvements to reduce our material consumption.

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