Paudi – toothpaste as powder

by Raphael Schär


Toothpaste in a plastic tube means unnecessary plastic and unnecessary «water transport». We have the toothpaste in powder form, mixed with water there is the beloved paste for the care of teeth.

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Successfully concluded on 11/2/2022

This is Paudi

Toothpaste in a tube pollutes our environment through unnecessary packaging and transport. Did you know that toothpaste consists of well over 50% water? Water, as it comes out of your faucet.

The transport of the «finished toothpaste» pollutes the environment up to 4x more than necessary. In addition, toothpaste requires costly and resource-intensive packaging: the tube, which is difficult or impossible to recycle.

Alternatives to conventional toothpaste are currently only available in tablet or powder form. Although these solve the problem of transport and packaging, they take some getting used to at best and are unhygienic at worst.

There simply has to be a better way! And it does work better!

Here Paudi the toothpaste powder. You just buy the powder and then turn it into toothpaste in your bathroom:

  • Fill in the powder
  • Shake
  • Brush your teeth

Paudi is special because...

… we wanted a high-quality toothpaste from the very beginning. We have therefore deliberately looked to use only natural ingredients and plan to have them certified by Natrue (Natural Cosmetics).

In addition, brushing teeth should be a pleasure. What could be better than the fresh feeling in your mouth after two minutes of oral hygiene? Is guaranteed, even after brushing your teeth.

The first version will be fluorine-free. In another version, there will also be a variant with fluorine and still in other fragrances.

Last but not least: Made in Switzerland. We produce here in Switzerland.

For this we need support

We have the formula and we use it already for several months and are thoroughly satisfied. Friends and acquaintances, already had to provide their teeth as guinea pigs, but the next step we can no longer create alone.

In order to be able to produce the product on a larger scale, we are dependent on a small financial injection. With this amount we want:

  • Produce the first at least 1’000 pieces
  • Have the tooth powder certified by Natrue (natural cosmetics)
  • Overcome the regulatory hurdles for mass production

We have already found a manufacturer in Switzerland and have also done a first test run, so we are sure that the production will work.