This is what it's all about.

The fantasy trilogy «PIRIN» has already earned several excellent reviews and became known by an international audience thanks to the videogame inspired by it, «Eselmir and the five magic gifts» (Stelex Software) has been defined «One of the most beautiful and compelling graphic adventures ever created by an independent software house!»(Project Nerd). The translation of the novels into English would allow this Swiss saga to expand beyond Italian borders, reaching epic fantasy fans all over the world! Help us to realize this project!

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My project is special because ...

An epic world, a magical journey. An extraordinary cross-media saga. A real fairytale maze, dotted with thriving civilizations, legendary creatures, magical objects, powerful deities, enchanted places and epic battles!

«You can not ask more to an epic fantasy. Perfect «(Blog Les Fleurs du Mal)

«The right book to immerse yourself in, to be captured» (Isola Illyon)

«An evocative force that brings back the mind, perhaps right up until the dawn of time» (The Debater)

«A dazzling journey in a land invented but so real» (Extra)

This is what I need backing for.

The money raised through this campaign will be used to finance the English translation of the three novels of the saga, entitled «Pirin - Book I - Helewen’s Memories», «Pirin - Book II - Hairam the Queen» and «Pirin - Book III - Nhalbar’s Deeds». The translation will be made by a writer of vast academic culture and considerable knowledge of fantasy literature, so that the spirit, the unique style and the poetry of this saga are preserved as intact as possible.

The English trilogy, as well as the Italian one, will be published in the StreetLib circuit, an editorial platform that allows books and ebooks to be distributed practically all over the world and which, as regards the paper version, can boast a «print on demand» system.

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