The beginning of the project

The project began almost by chance. I had to drive from Polignano a Mare, in southern Italy to Widnau in Switzerland. That is more than 2.000 Km on the highway and I couldn’t drive myself because I had back pain. To not get bored I have started to photograph through the window. At the beginning all the photos were blurry because of the movement of the car but then I have adjusted the shutter speed, looking at the camera screen, I was surprised by the places that emerged on the camera screen, as they were not the same I’ve seen with the naked eye. Those images, those landscapes, that composition of people inside their cars and the highway structures, traffic signs. I haven’t seen actually all those things or I have seen them so fast that I hadn’t perceived them. Those images were for me like a new creation, they were not exactly what I experienced inside the car

Places without noise

The trip took two days and I continued photographing over these two days. I think, I took more than 5.000 photos. Back home and over some months, I have looked at the pictures again and again. I have sorted them and slowly I understood something. Those pictures have touched me because of the silence.It’s something quite banal, photographs are always noiseless, but just that silence, that contradicts with what the pictures show. I mean, a highway, these places are always noisy and the experience, that we have usually on a highway is always noisy. For this reason the silence in those pictures is so important. This silence was almost visible

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The book

It was always clear for me that I wanted to show those pictures publicly because one of the most beautiful moments that one can experience is when you look at something quite trivial from another point of view and you discover something completly new. That is exactly what I experienced on that trip and what I simply wanted to share. At some point I realized that a book is the perfect format for this. A book has the pause, the calm that the pictures show as well and a book is a linear format. A line that must be read chronologically and this is actually just like a highway that line, that moment after the other. In fact form and content complement one another.

  • Format – 22x17 cm hoch
  • Content – 240 + 4 seiten; 141 Bilder
  • Paper – 150g Munken
  • Cover – 250g Coriandori
  • Print – 4/4
  • Binding – V2 PUR Klebebindung
  • Edition – 200 Exemplars

The exhibition

In addition I would like to present the book with a vernissage and an exhibition with a selection of the pictures. Ten diptychs will be presented in the exhibition. Each diptych contains two framed fine art prints 30x40 cm.

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