Welcome to Project Dalek

As you saw in the video, we would like to create a Dalek. Daleks are known from the British sci-fi TV-series «Doctor Who», they are already in pop culture and had some appearances in other medias like Mr. Bean («Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean»), The LEGO Batman Movie and Shaun the Sheep. «Doctor Who» is a British sci-fi series, which aired 1963 for the first time and has a huge worldwide fan-community. The story is about an alien called the Doctor. He travels through time back and forth and has plenty of adventures on various planets. Sounds nice, eh? The Daleks themselves appeared in the second adventure of Doctor Who and had many changes over the years. Daleks aren’t robots as opposed to what you might think, they are armours for a biologically mutated humanlike race. The habitants from the planet Skaro, called Kaleds, mutated in an atomic war into an octopus-like being and locked themselves in these nowadays known forms of the Daleks. These machines cut off the emotions of the lifeform inside.

Now to the techie stuff

As a difference to the original Daleks, or the more recent CGI versions, we would like to build the Dalek completely motorized. Instead of a stolen tricycle, we will use electromotors to give life to the Dalek. The Dalek will have enough space for one person and depending on the crowd-funding, there will be a lot of techie stuff such as:

  • cameras
  • cockpit-displays
  • voice changer
  • remote control
  • a variety of Dalek effects like the laser-beam
  • an electric movable head
  • and a lot more.

Fans might ask which form we will choose. We will make a Dalek of the «New-Who» Series. We really like the look of the restored «Rusty».

Who we are? And what if we reach our goal?

We are the team of Freakatorium. Some might know our store, Freakatoriums-Shop in Emmenbrücke (Lucerne, Switzerland), which we also could initiate with the superior community support over the same crowd-funding platform as we use now. Maybe you know us from Swiss events like Fantasy Basel, with our stand there. It doesn’t matter whether you know us from medieval, steampunk, fantasy events or real life. You know that we are a little bit crazy and open for so many ideas. In our atelier we have been creating things for and out of TV and movies for over a decade. You may have already seen our life-size Tardis at a convention or in our store. As big fans of Doctor Who, we have this dream: we would like to have a life-sized Dalek here in Switzerland. Pledge yourself if you’d like and support our dream, so that we can soon be fighting together against a life-sized Dalek at a convention, or maybe you can slip into the Dalek itself. What will we do, if we reach more than our goal? Our first Goal is a very low amount of 1000 Swiss francs. With that amount of money, along with our own existing financing, we can build a proper Dalek. But as we said, there are plenty of addons that we can install into this Dalek… How great would it be to see everything around you thanks to some cameras? Or maybe you just can drive it through «Dalek-Sight» with just the one camera in the Dalek’s eye? Wouldn’t it be nice if you can wear a headset and speak like a Dalek? There are so many examples and depending on the amount that we earn over this platform, we will make some priorities. In this case we can easily spend another 3000 Swiss francs for techie-stuff. If there is even more, we will create more Doctor Who props! A new Tardis? A K-9? We will see it in the future and we really enjoy starting this project with the best community!