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Community, Festival, and Art

DROPINA the Red Tent

DROPINA is a Red Tent, which will serve as a space for meeting, meditation, retreat and for feeling good. FORMALLY DROPINA wants to represent a DROP at the moment of its impact on the earth.
by Salon13 and Team, Feldkirch, Nenzing, and Bregenz
4% funded
EUR 635 pledged
40 days to go

70 Stimmen - eine Heimat

Der Thurgauer Festchor hat auf seiner Konzerttournee mit David Langs Lied «Heimat» einen Hit gelandet. Nun wird das Lied im Tonstudio aufgenommen. Dafür benötigen wir deine wertvolle Unterstützung!
by David Lang, Frauenfeld
90% funded
CHF 4’500 pledged
23 days to go

Aufbau SoLaWi

Gemeinsames Gestalten, Säen und Ernten: Unterstütze mich beim Aufbau einer solidarischen Landwirtschaft und lass uns gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung wirken.
by www.krä, Wiesendangen
0% funded
CHF 30 pledged
38 days to go

Unterstütze mich!

Ich möchte mich unbedingt meiner Wunsch Ausbildung widmen. Ich habe mir sehr oft zu hohe Ziele gesetzt. Nun möchte ich «leichter» beginnen und das tun, wo sich meine Fantasie ausleben kann.
by Mayra Schmid, Zürich
9% funded
CHF 550 pledged
47 days to go
Food, Startup, and Technology

GREEN POINT. Share Anything.

Sharing is Caring. Our aim is to Stop Food Waste and encourage a Circular Economy ♻️. 30% of all the food goes to waste, let's save our planet. You can post your surplus food, clothes in our app.
by Andres, Zürich
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
38 days to go
Photography and Kids / Youth

Kamera für Jungschar

Unterstütze unser Projekt! Damit wir unsere tollen Jungscharmomente weiter tragen dürfen. Wir wollen uns mit diesem Geld eine neue Kamera kaufen, um Freunden & Familie die Jungschar näher zu bringen.
by Nika Preisig, Stans and Luzern
13% funded
CHF 261 pledged
28 days to go
Science, Technology, and Animals

More Happy Dogs

Is this also your heartfelt wish? This includes: Understanding the needs and personality of a dog. And to have time for it. Help to complete the «dating site» for dogs & dog owners.
by fair-dogs, Reinach
43% funded
CHF 10’875 pledged
28 days to go

Ein neues Lachen für Marcel

Unser langjähriger und grosszügiger Velomechaniker Marcel Bossert muss aus gesundheitlichen Gründen einen Kieferaufbau machen lassen, damit er wieder essen und lachen kann. Dafür brauchen wir dich!
by Fabian Busch and Claudia Busch, Basel
88% funded
CHF 8’835 pledged
23 days to go
Film, Community, and Art


Support us to produce the short film ’chanterelles’. With your help we will be able to shoot my first short film within 3 days end of summer 2022.
by David Jenewein, Innsbruck
1% funded
EUR 217 pledged
23 days to go

«Je Suis»: Le Van solidaire

Support the «Je Suis» collective for the acquisition of a utility vehicle used to collect physical donations and to be able to redistribute them to people in need.
by Stephane, Yvorne
0% funded
CHF 50 pledged
40 days to go
Fashion, Kids / Youth, and Environment

Benjie recycles its shoe!

Our idea: grind used Benjie shoes into a powder to make a new sole! We need you to buy the molds for this revolutionary sole.
by Benjie Of Switzerland, Genève
7% funded
CHF 2’150 pledged
27 days to go
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Harmonie School

Support our school whose mission is to accompany all students in their global development, thanks to an innovative and attractive pedagogy and which will offer them a rewarding and motivating environm
by Ecole Harmonie, Genève
3% funded
CHF 780 pledged
29 days to go