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Film, Community, and Literature

schokke with z

No other immigrant has influenced the fate of Switzerland as much as the writer and politician Johann Heinrich Daniel Zschokke. He will be 250 in 2021. A documentary film is on the agenda!
by Adrian und Matthias Zschokke, Bern, Aarau, and Reichenau
45% funded
CHF 13’500 pledged
14 days to go
Food and Startup


Marjogateaux est une petite entreprise d'artisanat basée à Conthey qui confectionne des gâteaux, des produits maisons tels que pestos, caramel à la fleur de sel, diverses tartinades.
by Marjogateaux, Conthey
35% funded
CHF 8’840 pledged
31 days to go
Music and Festival

Keyboard Days Klosters 2020

Small, fine festival with key artists under the motto «Music under your skin», which happens during the Easter days on the stages of various venues in Klosters – with world stars and Swiss musicians.
by Kulturgesellschaft Klosters, Klosters-Serneus
35% funded
CHF 7’153 pledged
31 days to go
Performing Arts

Courage et Crème Glacée

One woman show. Je vais vous raconter mes aventures de «jeune-vieille maman» dire tout haut ce que les parents pensent tout bas ... c’est que du bonheur? En êtes-vous vraiment sûrs?
by Rudaz Nathalie, Fully
65% funded
CHF 2’620 pledged
14 days to go

Rettet John's kleine Farm

John's kleine Farm ist in existenzieller finanzieller Not. Von einer Schliessung wären 13 Mitarbeiter mit psychischer Leistungseinschränkung und 286 Tiere betroffen.
by Sandro Bürgi, Lola's Animal Rescue, Kallnach
158% funded
CHF 79’236 pledged
25 days to go
Startup, Fair Trade, and Environment

Zollingers Solid Shampoo bar

We are launching our first Solid Shampoo bar based on blue linseed (flax) extracts, straight from our garden: a rich foam that's soft on your hair, all without plastics!
by Zollinger Bio, Port-Valais
184% funded
CHF 18’455 pledged
17 days to go

Le Vigneron et La Mort

Un conte suisse adapté à l’écran ! «Le Vigneron et La Mort» est un court-métrage d’animation produit à Lausanne. Découvrez le travail de nos animateurs qui dessinent cette histoire image par image.
by Imaginastudio, Lausanne
32% funded
CHF 6’450 pledged
19 days to go
Music and Art

First contact

«First Contact of an unknown kind» ist das neuste Projekt der Band A.K.A. unknown. Alt bekannte, wie auch neu arrangierte Songs werden in der Galavanik Zug als einmaliges Erlebnis präsentiert.
by A.K.A. unknown, Zug
37% funded
CHF 1’115 pledged
21 days to go
Journalism and Community

YouTube Kanal «Black Sheep»

Südafrika's junge Generation formt die Identität des Landes am Kap. Doch ihre Träume, Abstürze und Erfolge werden nirgends aus ihrer Sicht thematisiert. Das soll unser YouTube Kanal Black Sheep ändern
by Cristina, Johannesburg
67% funded
CHF 1’350 pledged
37 days to go