The Residency Villekulla is a place for artists. A house with living, studio and work spaces with the aim of facilitating temporary communities for the deepening of artistic processes.

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Successfully concluded on 13/1/2021

This is what it's all about.

The Residency Villekulla is a place for artists. An old house with living, studio and work spaces. It is located in the medieval centre of the remote village of Faucogney-et-la-Mer in the middle of the «Plateau des mille étangs». The house opens up space for physical deceleration, offers tranquillity, space and inspiration for the development of artistic processes and concentrated immersion in them. Our interest is not in what has already been achieved, but where the residents are currently with their thoughts, experiments and thought experiments. What tracks do they follow, what do they allow to influence them? Temporary communities are created. Interventions are launched. Old things are revived. Presence is created. Porcelain is cast, floor lamps are designed and communal evenings are enjoyed with discourses on affordable spaces for the creation of art.

Thats why we need your support

The house is being converted into a place that should be available as a basis for artistic activity and exchange for as many people as possible. Whether it’s a ten-person collective for the annual retreat, a musician duo to compose songs, the actress to rehearse her new role or the author to edit his novel, insulated and habitable rooms are needed for all of this. No one should freeze their fingers off or be deprived of sleep by flaking bits of plaster. Before that happens, we need to do certain renovations and alterations and for that we need your support!

Grange (Barn): For lower heating costs, more sustainability, a spacious studio and against summery involuntary sweat lodge feeling: Insulation roof and floor. Opening a large characteristic space for year-round use as a studio, rehearsal space for performing and musical arts, and as a space for initial exhibition settings and projections.

Flat 2: For the morning tea after inspiring reverie, a place to write together, space for tall people and against plaster peeling in bed: Raising the ceiling and thus re-plastering the ceiling and better insulation. Glass tiles for more daylight. A Kitchen. Opening of three more rooms as living and studio space so that the place can also be made accessible for larger collectives.

The collective

The residence is maintained for artists by the Villa Villekulla collective. In 2018, the house was taken over from the previous owners, who took it out of its old wallpaper and renovated it with a lot of originality. Since then, efforts have been made to keep the originality of each room, but to refine it with subtle interventions for use as a house for artists. Since 2019, a large part of the house can already be used for these purposes.

The collective adheres to the following principles and goals: Affordable working spaces for artists. Interdisciplinary exchange and networking. Common use of resources. Cultural participation

Currently in the collective: Iris Brodbeck (artist) Nicolas Lienhard (industrial designer) Selina Hofer (artist/curator)