The varroa mite is the main reason for bee deaths, we have found a solution to defeat the parasite. Support us in making our innovation accessible to all beekeepers.

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This is what it's all about.

The bee, which is indispensable for life in this world, is threatened with extinction. The main reason for this is the varroa mite - a parasite that settles on bees and destroys entire colonies. We fight the varroa mite naturally. To continue this fight successfully, we need your help. With your financial support we can automate our honeycomb-machine and make our system available to beekeepers.

That's why bees are so important

The bee is the cornerstone of the whole circle of life. Around 80% of all plants are pollinated by bees. Thus, bees do not only provide us with the vegetables and fruit we eat every day, but also with the fodder necessary to rear livestock. In other words: without bees no plants, without plants no food, and without food no life.

The leading cause of death of the bees is the varroa mite, measuring 1.6 millimeters in size. This parasite burrows into bee hives, feeds off of bee larvae and transmits harmful diseases. If not treated appropriately, infested bee colonies die within three years. For this reason, colonies are usually treated with chemicals. These acids, however, also weaken the bees and oftentimes even lead to the death of the colony. In addition to this, the honey of such colonies can contain traces of these chemicals if they were not used properly.

  • Pascal und Willi Brunner, die Erfinder und Gründer von Vatorex
    Pascal und Willi Brunner, die Erfinder und Gründer von Vatorex
  • A Varroa mite on a Honey Bee
    A Varroa mite on a Honey Bee
  • The Circle of Life
    The Circle of Life

This is what we need backing for.

We have developed a method to combat the varroa mite that is gentle on the environment and the bees. Using a built-in heated coil, our system heats the honeycomb to 41 degrees Celcius which kills the parasites but does not harm the bees. As this innovation is reliable and free from side effects, it truly marks a revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against the extinction of the bees.

It is our utmost concern that bees are cultivated sustainably. That is why our system is solar-powered and completely free of chemicals. It is compatible with every method of beekeeping and is completely automated, thereby liberating the beekeeper of the trouble of pest control.

To ensure the production of the Vatorex system, we have to renew our honeycomb machine. With an improved machine, we can streamline our production and provide our system to many more beekeepers at a more affordable price. Help us to prevent the extinction of the bees and become a part of the solution!

Heat Treatment with the Vatorex-System
Heat Treatment with the Vatorex-System