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That's what it is about

With the construction of this school, we help children to get a basic education. A wise man once said, «Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.» That wise man was Nelson Mandela. And right he was. Education is a unique means to make a lasting and sustainable difference in people’s lives. Because education enables people to discover and develop their potential and take their lives into their own hands.

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For this I need support

I am still in regular contact with Eva, the director of the Treasure School. I visited the Treasure School when I was in Kenya. It had rooms starting with the day care up to the first class. Right next to the Treasure School, Eva bought a piece of land and wants to build classrooms for the primary school there.

She has already started building. Her financial means have been sufficient to level the field, build a classroom, the toilets, the entrance gate and the fence. This cost her 8’000’000 Kenyan shillings (about 80’000 Swiss francs).

Now she is at her financial limits and is afraid that she will not be able to finish the rest of the classrooms until the beginning of the next school year. (Start of the next school year is in January 2021). By then, Eva wants the primary school to be finished. Due to the current situation this will probably not be possible. Nevertheless it would be cool to start with a share of it already.

I asked her to calculate the costs for material and work that are still outstanding. She came up with a sum of 7’000’000 Kenyan Shillings. (about 70’000 Swiss Francs)

With one tenth of the costs, one could already start:

  • to buy some building materials for the next class
  • purchase of chairs and lockers for the children
  • If still possible, buy some play equipment for the children

Eva’s goal is to have a total of six classrooms, a teacher’s room, a kitchen, a book and computer room, an office for administration and if possible, a place to sleep for children who come from far away.

I would be very happy if we could make this project possible for the children and Eva.

Who is Eva? A few words from herself:

I am a Christian and I believe in God!

I am a teacher by profession, I always like to work with children and help them with passion to grow in the right way. I always help children to develop their talents from their tender age on and beyond. Last year I made children achieve the best in their academic abilities in this small classroom - it was a humble and great start for us! And we thank God.

Through my passion I felt that it is good to make this school big enough to accommodate a large number of students and give them the education they need in their lives. Hence, killing poverty.

As we all know, education is the key to life. I am really willing to work hard and make sure that children get the best education and have a better future. I believe that I can do it through God!

Morality for education and sincerity, that keeps me going, so I work hard like a wounded lion for the achievements of education.

Bless you all!

I thank you in advance.

Together we make a change

I am convinced that we humans do not need much to be happy. But there are basic needs to which every human being has the right. The right to food, the right to a home and the right to education. If we pay more attention to the important aspects of life and work together to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities, we can achieve great things together. Thank you very much for your support!