To use circus arts in order to raise awareness about human rights to the young and old. This is the aim and ambition of the project from Cirqu’en Choc.

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 3/7/2016

The project

Scintilla,ae in latin means spark, in reference to the Amnesty Internatonal quote : « it is better to light a candle than to curse to the darkness.»

Scintilla, a contemporary circus show that aims to defend human rights, whilst combining art and commitment

The Scintilla project grew as a response to the ever more alarming human rights violations and a desire to take action by using circus arts to raise awareness of human rights amongst the people.

The creation

With great sensitivity, five circus artists and a dancer bring about the issue of human rights on stage.

Aided by their acrobatic skills (cyr wheel, tightwire, Chinese pole, Icarian games, handstands, floor acrobatics, unicycle, acrobatic lifts and contemporary dance), the artists create a unique show with a committed regard to the violations of human rights.

Together they express the necessity to maintain the ethics and ideals represented by the fundamentals of human rights.

They present cultural diversity, exclusion, freedom of expression, asylum, torture, discrimination, dignity, equality, borders, security and exile, with personality, honesty and integrity.

The project is suitable for audiences of 12 years and upwards. The Scintilla project can travel across the whole of Switzerland and abroad. It doesn’t have a language barrier, just like human rights, it aims to be universal.

The figures, Scintilla :

  • 6 artists on stage
  • 11 artists employed in total
  • 2 specialists in the education of human rights
  • 10 generous human beings giving time and support without counting
  • 2 volunteers and talented cooks
  • 7 weeks of creation
  • 350 hours of collective training
  • 5 nationalities represented
  • 2 years of gestation and preparation
  • 3600 minutes on the phone
  • 12 grant files submitted
  • 3 working visas
  • 8 first shows planned
  • 1 tonne of passion, love and dedication

Why support us ?

The theatre ’Interface’ has been reserved and we hope to premiere the show in Sion on the 27,28,29,30 October and then 3,4,5,6, November 2016.

Cirqu’en Choc has received some resources to help get the project off the ground, and although we’re already supported by the city of Sion, the Canton du Valais, the Loterie Romande and the Swiss section of Amnesty internationale, the project still needs further support for it to come alive.

Our campaign goal is to raise 15% of the cost of the project.

If you support the project it will allow us to:

  • invest in the quality of the shows’ contents ( scenography, costumes, music, lighting)
  • develop it to its full potential
  • stand out and ensure artistic success
  • create an impact on a large audience
  • introduce it on a widescale national and international artistic stage
  • get the chance to tour

Therefore, your contribution, will not only allow us to play the first dates, it will also have an impact on the future of the company and on raising the awareness of human rights.

We thank you in advance for your generous contributions and can’t wait to meet you in our audience.

Creation team

  • Directors : Helena Bittencourt et Goos Meeuwsen
  • Choregraphy : Fernando Carrillo
  • Lighting design : Julien Brun
  • Music : Thierry Epiney
  • Project manager and artistic director : Estelle Borel

Artists :

  • Raphael Perrenoud
  • Monica Milanese
  • Christine Daigle
  • Estelle Borel
  • Mathias Reymond
  • Joachim Ciocca