This is what it's all about.

Together with the Edinburgh Festival, the Avignon Festival is the most popular theatre festival in Europe, a huge independent theatre exhibition. Performing almost every day, companies have the opportunity to present their show to a large number of French and international theatre programmers: the dream of every independent theatre group!

Hosted by one of the historic theatres of the OFF Festival, the Théatre des Lucioles, from 7 to 31 July we will be performing our «Scrooge - it’s never too late», based on «A Christmas Carol» by Charles Dickens. We will be supported by a small and excellent agency that will take care of the promotion and distribution of the show. A dream comes true! An extraordinary opportunity to get out of the crisis by investing in the future!

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Now is the time!

It is time to change, to become more human, more generous, more kind. This is what really seems necessary and essential to us. At a time when humanity needs to review its priorities and widen its gaze, moving away from an egocentric view of the world to seek a deeper understanding of the connection between all things, this show is our contribution. We would like to share it with as many people as possible and taking part in the Avignon Festival is a huge step in this direction!

So far the Festival is confirmed and, despite the uncertainty due to the pandemic, preparation is proceeding fast. Are we sure it won’t be cancelled? We don’t have an answer and, today more than ever, we as artists know that our only certainty is uncertainty. There’s a storm outside, but we don’t want to turn in on ourselves and look for a safe haven where we can take shelter while we wait for it to pass. We have chosen the open sea. We have chosen to take risks and raise the bar!


«Art is beautiful, but requires a lot of work» Karl Valentin

And we add: «and it has its price…».

The total costs for participating in the Avignon Festival are around 28,000 CHF: Theatre rental: 13,000 - Food and accommodation: 6,500 - Travel and transport costs: 2,000 - Technical equipment: 2,000 - Promotion: 2,000 - Administration: 2,500 -

Our company will cover a part of the investment with its own funds, while another part will be covered by ticket sales. In order to realise our project we still need 12,000 CHF. Convinced of the quality of our artistic proposal, we are ready to invest passion, energy and love into this adventure, determined to take full advantage of this unique opportunity. We need your support!