This book takes us into the secrets of sake breweries, where rice, water and hard work meet to make sake, the finest fermented drink and the national beverage of Japan.

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This book takes us along international photographer Matthieu Zellweger’s journey in several sake breweries. Warmly welcome to photograph during brewing season – in itself a rare opportunity – he lifts the veil on the daily choreography of the sake craftspeople, who brew a beverage intimately linked to Japan and its culture. Today, sake is gaining popularity outside Japan at a fast pace, and sake breweries go at great lengths to market newly developed, highly chiselled premium products. Yet, it is still a product made of only rice and water. And enormous amounts of work.

This book will be the first of its kind!

This book will be the first of its kind! It is written in French, English and Japanese and aims at unveiling little known aspects of sake brewing. It contains 15 original texts, several dozen pictures over 196 pages, with an apparent, outside binding.

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This project was already supported with two publication grants (CHF 12’800 from the Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’Ecriture et la Littérature in Montricher, and CHF 10’000 from the Sandoz Family Office) and some direct sponsoring by yours truly. Now I need to fund the rest of the project by pre-selling the book. You can make it happen by pre-ordering the book (delivery around the end of November 2017) or one of the packages.