SILENT PORTRAITS captures people in contemplation, as a tribute to the beauty and power of stillness. It gives insight into inner work - meditation turned into a book.

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The project

The book SILENT PORTRAITS, sheds light on the magic and effectiveness of meditation - in the form of 66 portraits, personal statements as well as insights from exciting current findings in neuro-scientific research. How can we stay in touch with ourselves in the face of great challenges? Sometimes events pile up into an almost insurmountable wave - for the individual and globally. What gives me confidence, what is my real being? What strengthens me? Is there a space in which growth can take place?

In Silence Lies Strength

In situations of unpredictability, surprising turns and unexpected events, it can be very helpful to connect with one’s Self and in this way come to rest and draw strength. Inner work can help us to master great external challenges and to steer our boat safely through turbulent times.

Many Paths Lead Inwards

Whether meditation, contemplation, retreat, prayer or dance - spiritual practice has always been an integral part of our all culture. With SILENT PORTRAITS, I want to give an appreciation to the beauty and diversity of inner work - among other things, the book is meant to be a reminder that the doors to encountering oneself are open to everyone.

SILENT PORTRAITS - Images that give rise to hope.

SILENT PORTRAITS wants to give space for the essential. I believe that the essential is visible to the eyes, you just have to look very closely. That’s exactly what I tried to do and photographed a total of 66 people in an identical setting - in front of a backlit background - during their meditation practice. Monks, therapists, Zen masters, yoga teachers, tantra teachers, shamans, psychiatrists, mystics, devotees and many more. During the silent encounters, we were able to learn a lot from each other. I would like to share these moments.

For me, SILENT PORTRAITS is an appreciation of inner process work. I understand the book as a sign of trust and as an invitation to journey into the unique inner world and to contemplate how that reflects on the outer world.

The book

SILENT PORTRAITS shows a total of 66 portraits - each in the form of a close-up and a full-person shot. In addition to the photographs, all the protagonists offer a personal statement, giving insight to their respective inner work.

Alongside the photographs and commentaries, we are honoured to include an exclusive contribution from the renowned author and neuroscientist Dr. Ulrich Ott, from the Bender Institute of Neuroimaging (BION) in Giessen and Prof. Olaf Blanke vom Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience Brain-Mind Institute Center for Neuroprosthetics Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) that illuminates the effects of meditation and spiritual exercises from the perspective of current neuroscientific research.

SILENT PORTRAITS is bilingual, in German and English, and is scheduled for publication in Autumn 2023.

In a unique compilation, the book provides insights into a variety of methods, paths, traditions and religions that deal with spirituality. It does not claim to be exhaustive.

Quality made in Switzerland: In the production of the book, we deliberately focus on sustainability and creating locally: SILENT PORTRAITS is produced in cooperation with specialist companies in Switzerland. We print with Skala Indigo on Profibulk paper (Niedermann Druck AG). The design is by the local graphic designer Roland Stieger, TGG.

Print: Hardcover book with approx. 298 pages - 150/170 g/m2, Format 285/203 mm, Profibulk matt-coated Edition: 1000 copies Niedermann Druck, St. Gallen (CH)

Design: Photography & Concept: Axel Kirchhoff, Atelier für Fotografie und Video, St. Gallen Layout & graphic design: Roland Stieger, TGG, St. Gallen (CH)

Publisher: Seltmann Publishers, Berlin (D) - International Publication

Translation: Hana Horack (UK)

Projected publication date: Autumn 2023

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I would like to ask you to support us in the realisation of this book project. Your contribution will make it possible for SILENT PORTRAITS to see the light of day. Every single contribution helps us to design and print the book, finance the translation and master the publishing work.

We gratefully acknowledge the kind support of both the Cultural Fund of the Canton of St. Gallen and the City of St. Gallen. The photography and most of the post-processing will be done by the artist himself.

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