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Agriculture, Music, and Community

Addis Ababa

Hi Guys, I want to help a local township promote the benefits of communal farming by giving them a soundsystem. Read the explanation below. Thanks for your consideration!

CHF 2’673
133 %
30 backers

Agriculture, Environment, and Education


This community supported us in providing training opportunities for smallholder cocoa and coffee farmers in Uganda. The outcome was a great success! Support us in expanding our reach even further.

CHF 4’329
108 %
26 backers

Agriculture, Community, and Environment


Organic is booming. But organic farming requires much knowledge that many farmers don't have. A group of farmers in Uganda is looking forward to receiving knowledge and the benefits of organic farmig.

EUR 7’245
103 %
47 backers

Agriculture, Community, and Environment


Healthy Farms for Kenya

by Caroline Moraza, Lucas Zahl, Silke Stoeber, and Esther Kiruthi

Let’s achieve healthy and sustainable farms for Kenyan consumers and smallholder farmers! Water shortages, climate change and pollution are all challenges, which will be tackled with your support.

EUR 6’434
107 %
45 backers

Startup, agriculture, and Technology


Digitizing Farming in Kenya

by Sabine Godinez and Mwangi Maina

SOKO is an agriculture startup that aims to digitize sheep farming. It will empower smallholder farmers to make a living from raising healthy sheep and sell them without going through intermediaries.

CHF 15’470
103 %
100 backers

Science, Food, and Agriculture

Bethlehem of Galilee

Aquaponic is a space- and water-efficient circulation system combining fish and vegetable production. In Bethlehem we plan to build three small-scale systems for demonstration and research purpose.

CHF 3’660
122 %
34 backers

Agriculture, Music, and Community

Fribourg and Byblos

Music for Lebanon

by Rana Bassil

We are a group of Lebanese in Fribourg and we want to help poor families in Lebanon and Lebanese farmers in this situation of
economic and humanitarian crisis.

CHF 18’820
125 %
155 backers

Food and Agriculture


Die Idee, in Patmos wieder einen Rebberg anzubauen, war verrückt, aber nicht verrückter als die Waadtländer Winzer, die mitgemacht haben, und heute werden 12’000 Fuss Reben angebaut!

CHF 22’670
113 %
102 backers

Food, agriculture, and Environment

Ruispiri, Montagny-près-Yverdon, and Lausanne

En Géorgie le vin est une tradition depuis 8’000 ans ; notre propre vigne est plantée. Il faut songer au Marani (cave) et acheter les Qvevris (amphores). Le vin va couler ! Vous en dégustez un verre ?

CHF 22’105
110 %
45 backers

Agriculture, Community, and Tourism


Agriturismo L'UPUPA

by Makoto - Agriturismo L'UPUPA

We are a small olive farm in Salve, Puglia, Italy and in the last steps to open our Agri-Camping. We are inviting like-minded people to join our project and support us.

CHF 33’900
113 %
99 backers

Agriculture, Environment, and Education


Permakultur-Pioniere in Togo

by Lucas Baumann and Verein Happy Togo

Lass uns 60 Pionierbäuerinnen unterstützen bei der Umstellung ihrer Felder von Mono- auf Permakultur: Tausende neue Bäume, nachhaltiger Bodenaufbau, Vielfalt, gesunde Handarbeit, mehr Lebensqualität.

CHF 68’050
113 %
271 backers

Agriculture, Community, and Environment


Food Forest in Sizilien

by Crowd Container

Sei von Anfang an mit dabei! Ermögliche eine klimafreundliche und mafiafreie Landwirtschaft in Sizilien und hilf mit, dass sich die frischen Früchte und Nüsse schon bald auf den Weg zu uns machen.