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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Syracuse. But this may be of interest to you.
Freedom for the masks!

Performing arts, art, and Tourism


With this crowdfunding, we are asking for your help to perpetuate the activity and existence of the neapolitan atelier and shop "la maschera è libertà, dedicated to Commedia dell’Arte’s masks'.

128 %
EUR 7’688
69 backers

Fashion, Design, and Art

Zurich, New York, and Rome


by Cindy Heller

Support Wanderbag and help to increase the sensitivity for ecological questions.

150 %
CHF 6’010
24 backers
Oinofyta, Camp de réfugiés

Community and Art


Nous sommes deux étudiants en Sciences Politiques.Après un séjour dans un camp de réfugiés, nous avons décidé d’initier un projet qui consiste en la création d’un atelier d’art dans le camp d’Oinofyta

105 %
CHF 3’690
60 backers
A-dash Project Space Athens



A-dash is an artist-led initiative in Athens, Greece, combining studios and a project space, with an emphasis on experimentation, collaboration and inter-disciplinary exchange.

100 %
EUR 22’359
55 backers
Wie die alten Meister...

Art and Education


Wie die alten Meister...

by Annika Schick

Das Crowdfunding ermöglicht mir eine Basisausbildung als Skulpteur und wird mir das Wissen und die Instrumente liefern, die ich brauche, um meine Skills autodidaktisch zu erweitern.

118 %
CHF 5’570
30 backers


La Spezia


by Alessio Guano - Atelier97

We would like to realize a performance project that sets the Dada movement in today’s context, exploring the ever-changing world with irony and critical sense.

100 %
EUR 1’502
6 backers
The Patter-mice & Sleepyhead

Publishing, Kids / Youth, and Art


We need your support for publishing our first book for children – «The Patter-mice and Sleepyhead». Give us a chance to enchant the kids!

100 %
EUR 2’010
28 backers
Il libro di NoPlace 3

Exhibition, Publishing, and Art


Il libro di NoPlace 3

by NoPlace.Space

La pubblicazione del libro di NoPlace, la mostra del 49º Premio Suzzara tenutasi il 17 settembre 2016, alla quale hanno partecipato 496 artisti provenienti da vari paesi europei.

102 %
EUR 7’936
118 backers
Baushtellë: Balkan Temple

Performing arts and Art

Belgrade, Prishtina, and Zurich

Baushtellë is an art project rooted in Pristina, Belgrade & Zurich. During a 10 week journey artists from all three cities will create a 6h performance based on the question: «What do you believe in?»

109 %
EUR 18’215
76 backers
Kenyan Roots@Biennale



Supporting the native Kenyan-Swiss artist,Yvonne Apiyo Brändle-Amolo with financial aid needed to realise and transport her contemporary art to the Art Olympics, Biennale in Venezia 2015

106 %
CHF 4’250
30 backers
Oase in Ligurien Teil 2

Community, art, and Tourism


Oase in Ligurien Teil 2

by Verein ULA, Stöckel & Schuh

Unser Kraftort in Ligurien startet durch mit dem ersten Angebot: 2 Skulpturkurse mit Lebendmodell: zu Gast in dem Kraft, - und Erholungsort: Matteo Todeschini aus Verona - für alle kreativen Menschen.

108 %
EUR 8’065
49 backers
Oase der Kunst in Ligurien

Community, art, and Literature


Oase der Kunst in Ligurien

by Verein ULA, Stöckel & Schuh and Ruth Schweikert

Unweit vom Meer, in den Bergen, einsam und mit unvergleichbarer Aussicht liegt ein altes Kloster von 1850, das wir zu einem Kraft- und Erholungsort für KünstlerInnen und Forscher umgestalten möchten.