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Art and Technology

XY in the Sky

Sisters XY are back into a new adventure, riding the clouds-Big Brother is invited, disguised into a GoProA compilation of videoclips will be released this autumn featuring great artists. XY can’t wait to share their thrill with your initials on their back while flying!
by Sisters XY, Bex
112% funded
CHF 1’126 pledged
13 backers
Exhibition, architecture, and Technology

«Un pont, c'est tout!»

Une exposition gratuite et interactive, pour les jeunes en âge de scolarité, leur permettant de découvrir les différentes facettes du métier d’ingénieur. Au f’ar de Lausanne, du 9 – 26 septembre 2015.
by Stéphane Commend, Lausanne
122% funded
CHF 2’450 pledged
32 backers

Projet Pomme One

Nous aimerions construire une réplique du tout premier ordinateur d’Apple, l’Apple-1, ceci totalement fonctionnel, afin de pouvoir le présenter aux visiteurs du Bolo’s Computer Museum à Lausanne.
by «Les amis du Bolo’s Computer Museum», Lausanne
113% funded
CHF 5’054 pledged
34 backers
Design and Technology


Have you ever dreamed of a poetic machine to send messages through balloons in the air, like a message in a bottle? Help us to fund and participate next July.
by David Colombini, Lausanne
101% funded
CHF 3’040 pledged
40 backers
Startup, Design, and Technology

Time Designers

Help us create the first Swiss made watch brand deeply rooted in digital art. Join our community to write the future of watchmaking together.
by Guillaume Bonneau, Pierre-Amaury Anton, and Pierre Coutaz, Lausanne
159% funded
CHF 15’970 pledged
40 backers
Community, Technology, and Education

Projet résilience

Un projet innovant et créateur d’emplois, qui vise à proposer une formation pratique dans le domaine des technologies de l’information, pour des personnes en reconstruction professionnelle.
by Magaly Mathys, Coline Sauzet, and Yannick Burky, Lausanne
158% funded
CHF 15’809 pledged
151 backers
Science, Technology, and Education

Congolese space rocket

Help us support Congolese engineer Jean-Patrice Keka to build the Troposphere 6 rocket, the first African rocket bound for space! This time, we're going to make it!
by Christian Denisart, Daniel Wyss, and Jean-Patrice Keka, Kinshasa and Lausanne
128% funded
CHF 25’778 pledged
144 backers
Publishing, Comics, and Technology

Génies du code – le livre

Impression d’un manuel d’apprentissage de la programmation web en complète autonomie, destiné aux débutant-e-s, avec une approche hautement originale et farouchement rigoureuse. Testé et approuvé!
by Sylvain Fankhauser and Fanny Vaucher, Lausanne
143% funded
CHF 10’030 pledged
93 backers
Community, Technology, and Education

Powercoders Lausanne

Powercoders is a programming academy for refugees, which already took place in Bern and Zurich. We have a partial funding (from the SEM) for Lausanne, but we need your support to have a class of 20.
by Hussam Allaham, ColineS., and Hélène Portier, Lausanne
108% funded
CHF 10’883 pledged
75 backers
Startup, Community, and Technology

Révolution de la livraison!

Chocolat, fleurs, maquillage, bouteille de vin, médicaments, repas? L’APPLICATION Insiders vous livre vos envies en quelques minutes, à l’endroit de votre choix, et cela du bout des doigts.
by Insiders, Lausanne and Geneva
100% funded
CHF 15’142 pledged
67 backers
Film, Dance, and Technology

Dancing Encounters

«Dancing Encounters» is the latest V-R dancing game, combined with a blind-date application. Two geeky and solitary players will meet for the first time and struggle with an unpredictable reality.
by Alexandre Frager, Lausanne
110% funded
CHF 6’095 pledged
32 backers
Design, art, and Technology

Glass Art Wall Part 3

The third part of my Glass Art wall installation, made from flameworked glass pieces.
by Anne Londez, Lausanne
110% funded
CHF 1’655 pledged
13 backers